Thursday, February 11, 2016

Signs, Signs & A Good Fence - Farmville

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Thornton House . 309 Beech Street . Farmville

"The lot was purchased at auction April 21, 1836, by Mary T. Riddle, the first
woman to purchase property in her own name in the town of Farmville. The
house, built in 1756, was sold in 1839 to Colonel John T. Thornton, CSA. John
and Martha Thornton had three sons: William M. Thornton was a Professor of
Mathematics, Chairman of the Faculty, and Dean of Engineering at the University
of Virginia; James R. Thornton was an honor graduate of Hampton-Sydney
College and taught Mathematics there; and Harrison R. Thornton became a
teacher and missionary to Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska (he was killed in 1863,
the only missionary to Alaska slain by a native Alaskan. Colonel Thornton was
killed in 1862 at the Battle of Sharpsburg, Md. General Lee paid a brief
condolence visit to the widow and children of Colonel Thornton at their home on
April 7, 1865." From Farmville Walking Tour

I love tree swings...but wait...what's the sign say? Let's zoom in...
Kinda unbecoming...I know it's not my house but really, when your house is listed on a historical tour, wouldn't you be a little less...what's the word?...tacky? Poor tree!

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  1. Good morning, it is a pretty house. It looks as if they do not want visitors. That sign would keep me from getting too close. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. It certainly is a stately, but unwelcoming house. The lattice work seems to duplicate/complement the glasswork around the entrance door.

  3. it is a pretty place. perhaps they've dealt with one too many trespassers.

  4. A beautiful house and an overboard sign.

  5. Good nmorning Tanya!
    Just a beautiful house. I like the snow on the ground too. :)

  6. I too love the house with the snow on the ground.

  7. That's a weird sign and I don't find any humor in shooting people.

  8. What an incredible house! Just a treasure, indeed! I agree, the sign is tacky, considering!

  9. Gorgeous lattice work and great shots ~ do think the sign is tacky and may hurt the tree ~

    Happy Weekend to you ^_^

  10. It is a pretty house. A shame the current owners seem not terribly hospitable.

  11. Another comely Virginian historical house! Must be the place to live to become a mathematical genius!

  12. It's a beautiful old home so rich in history. Lovely fencing. I do agree the sign is just a "bit much."

  13. It is a great looking house at any time of the year but I really do like that addition of snow here. (Sorry, I keep saying that - but it's true :).)

  14. That's a beautiful house! Love the porch!

  15. Love that sign. I'm visiting from signs and from fences!

  16. Enjoying the history lessons! I've seen that sign somewhere--online maybe. I thought it was humorous, but I guess one wouldn't want to take their chances here!


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