Friday, October 28, 2016

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 104

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Lord Botetourt JV team about to show William Byrd how to play football! At William Byrd High School.
Thursday nights still mean football for me. The boys just wrapped up another win, 54-12 and are now 9 & 0! 1 game left...hopefully we end the season undefeated!

Here Braden caught a kickoff return and ran it about 80 yards for a touchdown...that is Dalton running right with him blocking for him...Isn't it amazing how in sync they are? Even as their mom it still surprises me!

In the 4th quarter Dalton was injured. Here he is on the bench #21...He had "Turf Toe" which is basically a sprained toe. He made a tackle and then was down, flat out laying on his stomach. Everyone took a heart stopped...then I saw him roll over to his back....I could breath again knowing he was moving but still concerned...Then with the help of a coach he got up and hobbled to the bench...everyone clapped...I could breath deeper. Finding out he had "turf toe" was something I was ok with...him not so much as he finds it an embarrassing injury haha...anyways, he told me after the game he rolled over because he knew I would be worried so he wanted me to know that he was ok....this goes back to a few years ago while playing rec football...he made a tackle, landed on his stomach and layed there, motionless for what seemed like forever to me...coaches and refs were gathered around him...about the time I was starting to jump over the fence, he slowly got up...he had the wind knocked out of him...I told him then that if he is able to, do something so I know he is ok and just catching his breath...I love watching them play football but it sure can be scary at times and I admit to sending a prayer up before each game that nobody gets hurt.

At times I found it hard to focus on the game because the sky was so pretty!

5) And now totally not football related! I have made THIS PEPPER STEAK a few times and it's so good! The link is to a blog of mine I started a while back for all those great things I try on Pinterest but I admit to not being so good about keeping up with it but I am going to try to post the recipes I've tried and liked just so I can go back to them and read them easier...Have you noticed so many cooking blogs have way too many pretty pictures and long stories and ADS, tons of ads that it takes forever to get to the recipe? Well that is a huge pet peeve of mine lately so when I do find one I have tried and love, I try to remember to post it on my blog also giving credit to the original souce....but has anyone else noticed how hard it is to get just the recipe?

Well that is my 5 this week! Please play along, it's fun and easy! Post 5 randoms, link back and visit others and make new friends! Have a great weekend :)


  1. YES YES YES!!! I do go through a lot of recipes on Pintrest. They have what seems like dozens of mostly repetitive pictures, and then you have to click AGAIN to get the real recipe! It is annoying. Your food blog will be refreshing, I will visit. The first thing I noticed about the game is how in sync they are, almost like a dance. So glad he was alright. It was a gorgeous evening!!

  2. I hope the boys' team end with 10-0 record. That would be so awesome!!!

  3. Your boys' team have been outstanding this season! Glad Dalton was ok but i can identify with your worry!
    And yes, I detest those sites with so much advertising I can't get to the recipe!
    Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend!

  4. I can only imagine how scary it would be to see your child injured in the field! That was sweet of him to remember Mom and roll over! I know what you mean about recipes. I love finding them in Pinterest- and some of the blogs have great photos and cute stories. But I have a "1,2,3" rules. If I have to click out of ads or other pop ups more than 3 times, I'm done. There is no recipe I want badly enough.

  5. I'm sick of all blogs with too many ads!!!
    I can't imagine watching my kids play such a rough and tumble sport; I'm sure you do a lot of praying. And the pics of the boys being IN Sync was really cool. (do they even know that boy band? ;0 )
    Have a great weekend. I'm trying to get back on the ole blog thing and thought I'd link up with you's been a while. XO

  6. You have been such a great supporter and fan of your boys team.

  7. I'm afraid I would be scared all the time if I had boys playing football. Wonderful that you support them and take pictures. Smart to have a signal that "I'm all right"! Fun to see Braden and Dalton in sync. I haven't made pepper steak in ages. I'm going to try your recipe. Happy Friday and thank you for hosting!

  8. I'd be looking at the sky too!

  9. So glad your son is okay and great idea to have a signal. The turf toe is painful enough. I would enjoy going to your food blog more often. Love browsing through Pinterest to get recipe ideas.

  10. I'm glad Dalton was not seriously hurt.

  11. It is great Dalton wasnt hurt bad. I would be scared if my son were out there but they survive football all the time I reckon

  12. Great action shots. Time goes by so fast, Dalton will be grown before you know it. Hope it wasn't too bad.


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