Friday, May 26, 2017

Falling Spring II

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Falling Spring . Alleghany County
This waterfall is just up the road from yesterday's post...I've posted a picture of it before a few years back, a winter view which you can see HERE ...I prefer the spring view!
Views of the Alleghany Mountains...

If you have stopped by for Willy Nilly Friday 5 I apologize! I will have it back up next Friday, pinkie promise! This week I am going to link up with SkyWatch Friday

Have a great Memorial Weekend...stay safe!


  1. Still beautiful in winter Tanya but definitely more so here surrounded by lush green in Spring 😊

  2. What a gorgeous waterfall! I can't wait to see some of the ones here in OR!

  3. Lovely pictures for the skywatch!

  4. It's beautiful! I like it much better than in winter. Gorgeous mountain shots! Green and stunning.

  5. That is such beautiful country! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. They make me feel like I've been there.

  6. Beautiful waterfall and countryside. The volume of water is really impressive!!

  7. It's so pretty! Love the zoomed shots especially.

  8. Those are beautiful! Love the waterfall!


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