Monday, May 8, 2017

The Phoenix

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The Phoenix . 813 5th St SW . Roanoke . 24016

This mural of a Phoenix is painted on the Phoenix building by Scott "Toobz" Noel...I've shown you more of his work HERE ...The Phoenix is a music venue.

In other news...who else is tired of being cold? This has been a COLD last few days. Spent a freezing day at a track meet on Saturday with such strong winds that made it so much worse...I thought we were just about done with the cold but now we have rain and low 60's for the whole :( Monday's are so much better when they aren't cold!

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  1. Purple, black, and white - great color combinations!
    Have a great week!

  2. I agree, this weather is ridiculous. sun is finally shining after relentless rain and flooding the last week, The temperature is looking good, right now it is only 37F!! No signs of even getting to 60 this week as there is a frost warning in effect!

  3. First time I see a mural with purple colours, but it's interesting. Hope the weather warms up for you! Here in Perth we're having the best Autumn ever with temperatures in the high 20'C (80F) during the day, a bit cooler in the evening and early morning.

  4. I love the Phoenix!! I am always in search of murals, and would have been over the moon to find this. We waited and waited and waited to take the electric blanket off the bed. I think if we had kept it on, it would be hot now!

  5. Cool mural!

    Here we had light snow this morning.

  6. We had a sprinkle or two today, supposed to have more in the next few days. I am ready for several days of warm weather with no rain...

  7. Love that phoenix! It's been cold here too.

  8. You have some cool street art there Tanya, love the rising Phoenix ☺ I left you a comment on the fab sunflowers a few posts back, what a welcome into the city!

  9. Love it!

    I'm so sad I can no longer see the list of contributors on the linky and no one can visit me from the link either. Like I said, once my niece gets a hold of my computer, maybe that will change. Hope you are doing well.


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