Thursday, May 18, 2017

Taking A Wee Break

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Meet Walter...Walter was one of the sweetest guests at The Homestead that we met...Walter is watching his owner in the coffee well behaved Walter is!

I'm taking a tiny break until Wednesday...I'm just so swamped with running here, running gets out on Tuesday and so things shall slow down a bit, I hope! See you on Wednesday, behave but have fun!


  1. What a great pup!!!
    Hope his friend brought him treats . . .

  2. Be sure and take care of yourself. Often us moms forget that. I will miss you!

  3. Such an adorable dog!
    I know that, sometimes the time is working against us... enjoy your break :-)

    By the way: last friday I wrote about the book "Stasiland" and my own experiences with alldays life in it

  4. ...and a well deserved break, I'm sure!!

  5. Don't you mean "Behave OR have fun?"

  6. Walter is an interesting dog...looks very much like Walter Matthau. :)

  7. Oh that face! 😀 Enjoy your break Tanya, even though it sounds like it'll be a hectic time!


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