Tuesday, November 4, 2008

They're Off And Running

It's a cool, drizzly day today at the polls. Here's what it looks like at our polling center, Lord Botetourt High School, this morning.

May the best candidate win!


I have to update...Today was parent/teacher conferences at the schools. I just returned from Braden and Dalton's conference and it was so cute. Their school is also a polling center but the 1st grade teachers put together a slide show for the parents to watch while we were there waiting and had it set up in the hallway. It was adorable and set to patriotic music. They had asked the children what they would do if they were president and they each wrote what their law would be. Here's Braden and Dalton's laws: (they accidentally mixed up Braden and Dalton's pictures so the one that says "Braden" is really Dalton and vice versa :) )

Some of the other laws were:
"If I was President, I'd have a cat"
"If I was President, I'd make a law that kids eat cotton candy every day at 10:00"
"If I was President, I'd make a law for everyone to have friends"
and there were many laws that the first graders would make for peace and ending hunger.

Aren't first graders adorable?!


  1. Congrats on getting out early, today's the big day! Thanks for the comment on my photo too.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this one! It was soooo hard waking up this morning knowing that it would be hoursss until anything started being reported radio or tv wise! Darn being in France on election day! Darn that time difference!

  3. There was not an Obama sign to be found around my polling station. I did my duty though.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Mitch!

    LOL Marie, I do what I can :)

    Halcyon, along the road, the main entrance to the school parking lot, there were equal signs for McCain and Obama but I didn't notice any for Obama from the front of the school.

  5. I've been in suspense about the elections all day - and at thetime of writing, I still am!

  6. Our ballet was full of things that needed to be read (in three languages). We studied the ballet before we went to vote. We knew what we wanted when we got there and we were fast. But if you didn't do your homework it would take at least 30 minutes to read everything -using only one language.

  7. I imagine since you live in such a coveted area like we do, you are as ready for this to be over as we are. Hope the rain doesn't dampen (:-)) turnout too much!

  8. It seems the CDP blogs are having an unofficial theme day! Glad you didn't have to wait in a long line!

  9. Very cute...

    I hope You have a good vote...

    See You later...

  10. Oh your update is brilliant! I actually laughed out loud, not just a warm smile! Just brilliant. Pizza everyday gets my vote!

  11. Thanks Ruby, I can hardly wait to see who wins!

    Tog, it can get confusing huh?!

    Thanks Stacy and Kelly :)

    LOL Ken, I'm with pizza man too!

    Thanks Web and Marley :)

  12. Those cute first graders put sunshine on your post tonight after a rainy morning!!

  13. Very cute photos and I love the "mots d'enfants"......

  14. Oh, I do like those laws! Cute idea.

  15. I enjoyed this blog Tanya. I love what kids think and do. - Dave

  16. That's why I love little kids.
    They're just so honest and funny.

  17. Braden&Dalton-for-President !!! I will vote for them for sure.

    They are lovely and cute:-)

  18. I'm definitely for the pizza!!! so please make that law for adults too!


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