Thursday, April 3, 2014

Signs, Signs - Noah

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Carmike Valley 8. 1700 Apperson Drive. Salem. 24153

Sunday we were supposed to go to the Nascar race in Martinsville. The weather was sketchy calling for rain and SNOW! We had 2 tickets already but needed to purchase 4 more. It was going to be a gamble not knowing how the weather would turn out and if the race would be cancelled due to rain so we decided to just give the 2 tickets to Ashlyn and her boyfriend and we went to the movies instead. We went and saw Noah. The boys and I thought it was pretty good, my husband said it was alright. I'm much easier entertained though I guess haha...anyways, we pulled up and noticed these workers hanging the O on Noah. Seems a little scary. The person who hung "Sabotage" must have had extraordinarily long arms!

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