Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Theme Day - Transitions

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Greenfield . Botetourt County

This month's theme day was picked by yours truly! My take on the theme this month is the "transitions" Greenfield is going through...many of you know how much I LOVED coming here and using the trail system...then the Board of Supervisors started hacking it up to put in businesses. Bringing jobs is good, I know, but this area was so beautiful, and historic and now it will be nothing but a big industrial park :( since all this started a year ago, I haven't been back till now...used to be able to drive right along the road where the "road closed" signs are...then take a little gravel road to the left which took me to the hill where the old slave cabins was a gorgeous view and a peaceful place...(notice the "road closed" signs didn't stop me, but I didn't see anything going on, construction had stopped for the day because of the rain I guess...
On top of this hill, which was a bit bigger before they grazed it, stood an old slave cabin and an old kitchen...The hill is terraced for gardening from back in the days that Col. William Preston lived here in the 1700's...
Now they (Board of Supervisors) have removed the historical buildings and relocated them to the front of the park and building a shell building on the historical hill...
And now the trails are closed until further notice...
This is a picture of the same hill, taken back in May of 2015 before we knew of any plans to destroy it :(

I've posted quite a bit about Greenfield since living here and you can see those posts, including the protest to save Greenfield HERE HERE HERE & HERE
The "Friends of Greenfield" had worked hard digging up artifacts before all was totally lost with the construction of the new can see what they found on their Facebook page HERE and you can see more Transition themes by visiting the City Daily Photo Community HERE

Have a great day! It's the 1st of December already, can you believe it?!


  1. Oh but this makes me want to weep! desecration of beauty...

  2. Some transitions stink, and if they are planned by political drones, you can bet they will provide developers with big bucks and will screw up all the good things that the people like and need!

  3. Oh the transition of commerce. They are always doing it in Atlanta but glad they save some historical landmarks. Maybe they will there too

  4. Too bad about the trails but at least they relocated the old buildings instead of tearing them down.

  5. Good grief, they even tore up the buildings and MOVED them! These are some determined people. And here I thought historical areas were protected. Hmmm, I guess they think they did not destroy it, just moved it. But it is not the same, they destroyed it and the meaning of it for money and gas.

  6. After reading your post, I felt sad. Trails are inaccessible, the old slave house at least has another place to stand which is good. I guess you take what;s good and go with it.
    Nice post and a great example of transitions.

  7. What a shame Tanya, not all transitions are good. Your last shot is so pretty, how sad that it's all changed!

  8. Can't believe those historic buildings would be razed or moved. They have no respect.

  9. It is a pretty sad transition for you and others who live there. I always struggle to decide how best to balance economic development, jobs and tax base against the effects on previously unspoiled land.


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