Monday, October 16, 2017

Dale Avenue Community Mural

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Dale Avenue . Southeast Roanoke

This neat mural was designed by North Carolina artist Brenda Councill and drawn by local artist Scott "Toobz" Noel and painted by volunteers! I snapped this quick photo while waiting in the drive-thru yesterday at Arby's ;)

I came home and Googled for more info and found THIS news story which tells a little more about it like the fact that Toobz modeled it after the tree that is in front of the fire station right across the street, which I didn't know till now...So, I need to go back and get a pic of the tree and see if I can fit more of the mural into a picture as it is quite long!

The name "Toobz" might sound familiar to some of you because he's quite a busy muralist having created many around the area which I've shown you some HERE

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  1. This wall must have been pretty ugly. And now it is so pretty, and even matches the bright blue sky! And so cool integrating nature across the street with art! Of course I want to see the tree now.

  2. Neat mural.
    Don't you hate it when you later find out more info that means you need to go back and take more pics ;)

  3. I like this, a very nice mural. It will be interesting to see the tree in front of the fire station.

  4. sure brightens up things.

  5. Loved the story of the mural Tanya thanks for the link. Community projects like this are such an ideal way to bring people together.

  6. The mural seems to be saying that Fall is in the air. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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