Tuesday, October 3, 2017

St. Mark's Lutheran Church

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St. Mark's Lutheran Church . 1008 Franklin Road SW . Roanoke . 24016

On Saturday Braden and I went to visit was a suprise...she didn't know we were coming...luckily she was home!

After talking for a while we decided to take her little dog Riley out for a walk...there's a lot of beautiful old churches in her neighborhood, like the one above, although that one isn't too old...the original was much older, dating back to the 1800's... HERE's a picture from 1956 where it is being torn down on Campbell Ave...I believe I read that the location on Franklin Road was built in 1956. Do you think that is the same steeple? I can't tell and don't recall reading that they used it...

To the side of the church is this nice resting spot with a fountain and lots of shade trees...the fountain sounds relaxing!

And Emma is out here too to keep an eye on things! I couldn't find anything else about the sculpture, other than her name is Emma and the artist's website is HERE...I feel like there's a story about Emma...or should be!

It was a nice day spending time with my oldest and second to the youngest :)

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  1. It is a pretty church. I like the low perspective you used in your photograph. This must have been a rare day when your twins were separated and the two of you could have special time visiting your daughter.

  2. ...Tanya, there are several churches o

  3. ...Tanya, there are several churches o

  4. ...Tanya, there are several local churches of this style here, yours would right at home. Thanks for stopping by, come again.

  5. It's very traditional but well-kept and quite good-looking. I'm guessing it is of the Missouri Synod tradition.

  6. I love Emma! She is beautiful and mysterious. Gorgeous church and flower shot!

  7. I like a bit of a mystery ... and Emma fits right in!

  8. What a wonderful surprise visit! beautiful church. And I love the sculpture, but am curious too. Sweet photo of your kids!

  9. I'm guessing it is of the Missouri Synod tradition.



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