Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Murray & Minges General Store

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1489 Murray's Mill Rd . Catawba . NC

Back in April we took a little road trip down to NC, specifically to go to Jack In The Box for some tacos (it's an acquired taste...something we grew up with and miss at times)...anyways, we visited this neat place after lunch...come on, I'll show you around!

circa 1890

Braden on the left, Dalton on the right and Nick in the middle ;)

Love the rusty Pepsi cooler and those green doors!

A loooong counter! They have done a great job stocking the shelves with things from the past...also the tin cans have old labels attached...the cans are empty though!

Aren't those bins neat?


Looking down from upstairs...

Looking up from downstairs ;)

All this exploring has made us thirsty!

I've shown you pics from the mill which is across the street and some other sights around the property Right Here

I'm a day late but I'm linking up with my pal Tom and his Tuesday's Treasures

For more info on Murray's Mill Historic District you can visit their website HERE

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  1. drove to the next state to go to Jack In The Box? Now I've heard everything. Murray's Mill Historic District looks like a great place, that I'd drive to see! Thanks Tanya for stopping by.

  2. What a great place! This store reminds me of the little store in rural Georgia that my grandparents had when I was a kid.

  3. Wow, I LOVE this! It looks just like an old general store! And there are so many cool things to look at! First thing being the green door and rusted Pepsi cooler! It is retro art! I love this view looking up, I think I might have missed that if I were there. It is crammed with so many things, yet it is all so neat and clean. And general stores had to sell almost everything. Love the "free weeds" sign!

  4. Boy, this takes me back to my youth! What a great old place. My dad's father ran a feed plus store in a little town in Kansas, and my dad's brother had a general store (not unlike this one) in another little town in Kansas. I loved both of those places!

  5. Such a charming old store! the green doors add to its character and the cash register is a wonder!

  6. WOW! What a great place! Totally my kind of place to visit.

  7. That is a very cool store! I love places like that!


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