Monday, December 4, 2017

Crunchy Leaves & Moss

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Day Creek . Blue Ridge

Yesterday Nick and I took Ozzy for a little hike around Day Creek. We come here fairly often, usually when I need some rocks to paint for the rock group I'm in...Dalton wasn't feeling well so Braden stayed home to play XBox take care of him if he needed anything...I kept him home from school today...hopefully all this extra rest will have him back to regular!

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  1. Looks a little chilly, but it's a beautiful place. The colors are radiant. Hope Dalton is back to normal soon!

  2. I hope Dalton will heal fast from whatever he has. Beautiful picture of a man and his companion! So you are in a rock painting club? This is so cool; I bet you give each other ideas. How many are in it?

  3. Hopefully Dalton's back in fine form shortly. It looks like a good spot for a stroll.

  4. What a nice area to hike, I'm sure Ozzy would agree. Nice fall photos with all those leaves and moss.
    Have a wonderful week Tanya!

  5. I hope Dalton feels better soon! That looks like a really pretty spot for a hike.

  6. Such a lovely photo, Tanya. Hope you are having a great week!

  7. Very nice post.really I apperciate your blog.Thanks for sharing.keep sharing more blogs.



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