Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Colors - IV

One of the prettiest trees in our yard but it is almost bare now.

It's been raining since yesterday, and cold too! Ready to dry out and warm up a bit!


  1. I think you guys are extremely lucky to witness such wonderful colours in nature.

    A great series of photographs, fall in the UK is nothing in comparison and here in Thailand it just doesn't happen!

  2. This fall series has been so beautiful, Tanya. I hope you have a fireplace in that beautiful house of yours. I think a small fire, a cup of tea, and a little throw rug across your legs is just what the doctor ordered.

  3. I think I missed the colors this year. That or the trees that have the nice colors havent changed yet. Nice series.

  4. Brattcat, yes it does seem like the perfect day for that doesn't it?!

    Thanks Jim :)

  5. That tree is gorgeous Tanya! I think you are getting the remnants of Ida. We are finally seeing some sunshine today.

  6. time for a bit of sunshine.



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