Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Roaring Run Falls

Sunday we dodged some rain that was predicted in our forecast so we pulled out my new book that I told you about, Historic Virginia by Emily and John Salmon.

We decided to go see the Humpback Bridge in Alleghany County. According to my book, the Humpback Bridge is the last surviving curved-span bridge in the US AND the oldest covered bridge in Virginia, completed in 1857.
Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to see the bridge (sorry no pics this time!) because we decided to stop at Roaring Run Recreational Area, on the farthest edge of Botetourt County, along the way. Roaring Run creek is well known for its trout fishing. We decided to take the short hike (less than a mile) up to the falls. It was a pretty easy walk and well worth it! The trail loops around past the furnaces (used to make iron in the mid 1800's) and ended at the picnic tables that are placed along the creek. There we sat and ate our picnic lunch and relaxed a bit before heading towards the covered bridge in Covington. With the days shorter, we ended up running out of sunlight before we could find it, but we did find a huge waterfall, Falling Springs, which I'll show you later this week!


  1. belle photo de famille, avec cette impressionnante cascade. un tres beau decor

  2. A good family shot Tanya, and you found the bridge.I liked the waterfall shot. - Dave

  3. Looks like they are about to get wet.

  4. Terrific family shot in a beautiful setting. The only thing missing is you, Tanya!

  5. Neat photo! But where are you?

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    Just Vignettes

  6. It sure is pretty Tanya! I love waterfalls.

  7. Looks like a real nice place to see. I have always liked the State of Virginia. Always enjoy going there, when I can. There is so much there to see and enjoy. Have a great Thanksgiving, Tanya.

    Must agree with "brattcat". Your not in the Image.


  8. It almost looks like the falls are frozen in space! Great family pic.

  9. great pic tanya.
    i posted about the humpback bridge this summer. take a peek at my post when you have a chance.
    have a good day.

  10. Dramatic fall!

    And dreaming about me?! People will start to talk! Lol :)

  11. We look forward to "the next installment!"

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Love the falls. My hubby and I used to picnic there before we were married. Don't you just love that book? I wrote a review for them on my blog, and they're from Franklin County too.


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