Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rurality Blog Hop - Peaks of Otter Winery Collage

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Big photo: Doing the wine tasting. The strangest wine was "Chili Dawg". Our wine tasting host sprayed a tiny blob of that spray cheese on our hands and we had to lick that then sample the wine. It was good, just very unusual lol...We ended the tasting with "Kiss The Devil"....HOT! The wines are all made with the fruit they grow right there on the farm. For a list of wines CLICK HERE

Dog photo: This is a guest's dog, Zeus. Dogs are welcome at the winery!

And for a history of Peaks of Otter CLICK HERE

I'll introduce you to some of the animals that live there on the farm tomorrow!

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  1. I haven't had wine in a long time, I like it but the price just kept going up until one day I said no more.

  2. Sounds like a college where I could "study" hard! :)

  3. They have some amazing sounding wines, not overly expemsive either. Sounds like you had a great time in there!

  4. definitely some odd-ball 'flavors' there! :)

  5. The chili dawg definitely sounds different! Wow!

  6. I like Halcyon's comment but I think I would have to pass on the Chili Dawg wine! LOL!!

    1. more than a taste would be a bit too much lol

  7. I love wine tastings, and these sound like some very unusual wines - what a fun trip!

  8. The names of the wine sound pretty unique.

  9. Very cool! I'm not a wine person, but it would be fun I think.

  10. Very fascinating place, post and great photos ~ sounds like fun! ~ thanks, carol xo


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