Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fort Monroe V

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Just a few of the grand houses around the fort...

The funeral was beautiful but hard of course...This is the 3rd funeral of a young person I've been too. I hope it is the last. The night before the funeral Ashlyn kept asking her friend for a sign he was ok. That night while sleeping she had a dream that she was sitting in her daddy's chair and her phone went off showing a notification on Facebook. It was a message from Jacob saying "I'm ok hon" you believe in signs from the other side? It gave me chills when she told me. She told me she thinks she just wanted to hear from him so bad that she made it up in her dream...I told her I think she should believe it is a sign from him.

Have you ever received a sign?

"Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy."

- Eskimo Proverb


  1. Fourth try at a comment. It's a sign...

    1. So sad when a child passes before their parents. My thoughts go out to your daughter. Losing a friend is hard. :(

  2. i hope it is a comfort to her. :(

    nice area you shared!

  3. Beautiful looking properties!

  4. I love old houses with character. When my uncle died, the night after his death, I dreamed he came along the river, on the other side (how typical) and waved at me, like he was saying goodbye. I chalk it up to "things we can't explain".

  5. Beautiful homes!

    I've had two brothers go before their time, and two nephews. No parent should bury their own child. Dreams, I think, are our mind's way of working through things like grief.

  6. I agree with Texwisgirl's comment. I do hope it is a comfort to her.

  7. It is a bit strange sitting here with my morning coffee at the kitchen table in Norway.....looking at these fantastic houses. I have only been to N.Y.C. but following your blog ( together with other blogs from the USA) made me sometimes think of American films I have seen. Fantastic houses. have a nice day! Greetings from Gunn.

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  9. I do believe in "signs" like that. Shortly after my dad died I had a dream one night where he vividly appeared and told me things were okay and that he was fine. I've never had another dream about my dad since in the 17 years since he passed away.


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