Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Black & White Wednesday

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Botetourt County

Current situation...this is my neighbor's house behind me...I wonder why they aren't picnicking on the picnic table today? ;) I think we have ended up with about an inch but our temps won't be above freezing today so this won't be going anywhere! It's not a very pretty snow since you can see the grass poke up out of it...need about another inch! We did end up with a snow day though and probably will get one tomorrow, or at least a delay because of the icy roads...what did you end up with? :)


  1. We got barely a dusting, the same as you did. Tomorrow it should melt in the warmth. At least I hope. I have to go over the mountain to Charlottesville.

  2. ...snow makes wonderful black and whites.

  3. Much the same here but we now have a thaw on! Great photo!

  4. I think they didn't have a picnic because that picnic table needs to be cleaned off. Sheesh!

    We got cold weather today, about 55 degrees, I think, but the sun was out so it wasn't bad. But tonight, ugh...forecast says 24. However, come Sunday we'll be back in the 70s. You could come picnic here, 'cause none of our picnic tables are covered with that white stuff.

  5. My kind of weather! We've had some light snow today, and the temperatures remain consistently cold.

  6. We are just COLD. Broke record for cold by getting to 9F yesterday. It was 15 this morning, but looks like we start getting some southern breezes this afternoon and should be up to high 60s by Saturday!! Yippee! Stay warm. blessings ~ tanna


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