Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fringer Canning Company of Lithia

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I think it was last week when I showed you the commissary...well this is just a little bit up the road from there and from what I can gather it was originally a mine called SPEC for the type of ore mined there called "Specular Hermatite"...the company owned the housing, about 12-15 houses, the commissary and the power plant which is this building...the mine shut down in 1926 or 27...

Going in to investigate...

Be warned, I'm probably going to show you every detail so jump ship now if you're thinkin' "ain't no one got time for dat"...

I was in arch Heaven!

So in the 1930's the Fringer Canning Company took over the former Spec Power Plant and ran until the 1950's canning tomatoes, peaches, apples and beans under the Banner Mill can see a copy of the label if you CLICK HERE

You knew we were going to have to go up those stairs didn't ya? They were surprisingly sturdy!

A portal...hellloooo down there....

It's kind of like this arch was made as an after-thought...

Everybody is busy checking things out...

Potty break anyone?

This must have fallen off a piece of says...Trademark Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. No. 125...just so you know :)

The train came by (remember I showed a picture of the front last week?)...I thought it was kind of neat to get a picture of "strange" since this building was a little strange, in a good way!

Something leaked out of that can years ago!

That little white spot is was the only ice we saw anywhere in or around the was freezing outside, but this was the only tiny bit of ice...weird huh?!

Time for us to be going now...I'll show you more sights around Spec next Tuesday!

Oh look, that little building with the green roof is the commissary!

Some links I used for info are HERE and HERE
And while I didn't see anything about the Fringer Cannery HERE is an interesting read about canning and labels in this area!

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If you made it through this whole post today, you're a trooper!

Oh and one more thing...while searching around the net I found that Black Dawg Salvage had been out to the Fringer Cannery and salvaged a few's Season 3, Episode 12 titled Fringer Cannery...I'm going to see if it's available On Demand!


  1. cool is this! I found a power plant for an old lumber mill in the Adirondacks that looks like this one's cousin. Where were your hard hats? Thank Tanya for stopping by, I hope to see you again.

  2. Oh great old building to explore! I’d have been in there poking about too!

  3. That's a fantastic old building! Great photos!

  4. A great place to explore. Love all the old brick and the pic of the window with the green moss growing on the wall is extraordinary.

  5. I love your inquisitive adventures! I am made from the same cloth. Such cool photos, Tanya.

  6. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I LOVE THIS POST. Wow, what an amazing old deserted place. How do you find such neat and interesting things??! You got some great pictures here, that first window arch one, and several others as well, with the brick, would look great enlarged and hung up for sure! This is a cool place, do you think many people go there to look around and make pictures, etc? Do you follow the accounts on instagram called abandoned or something like that, and one other one, I forget the names, but I follow them on instagram, you can find them through mine if you are interested. The one lady, she has ALOT OF PICTURES of places just like this. I think you would love it. Hope your week is going well! We've had some beautiful 73 degree days, so we've been out walking.

  7. Oh wow, you were inside! Glad to see more.
    Discover an old factory is always a great adventure, what have I liked this in gone decades (now they all are disappeared in our area)...
    Great photoseries, have enjoyed them all. Could look at again and again.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love creepy, old, abandoned buildings! Great pictures!

  9. These are some great shots of the old place. I always wonder what stories the walls could tell.

  10. Great shots. I always loved visiting Black Dog when in Roanoke! Miss that! blessings ~ tanna

  11. Always loooooove the details Tanya! Old abandoned buildings like this are fascinating to explore!

  12. Cooool....what a great place to explore!

  13. I always feel sad for places like this.


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