Thursday, January 4, 2018

Even The Cows Think It's Cold!

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Nace Road . Botetourt County

Baby it's cold outside...I know, I sound like a broken record here but seriously! Today and tomorrow especially with crazy strong winds making wind chill values in the negative! We go back to school today since our Christmas break is over but have a 2 hour delay...not sure why since it won't be any warmer in 2 hours!

Today I am thankful for our hard working trash collectors! Holy moly, I saw them come by early this morning to pick up our trash and I felt terrible for them, but there they are, dumping our trash cans into the back of the garbage truck, then they jump on and do the same at the next house, all day long, in the FREEZING weather! God Bless them! Linking up with Michelle's Thankful Thursday

How's your weather? Stay warm!


  1. ...I'm thankful that I'm not a trash collector!

  2. Hello, it is cold and windy here today. I am thankful for our trash collectors, they have to be out there in all kinds of weather. Stay warm and safe. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. My daughter educated me that the delays are related to buses with diesel engines and warming them up.
    She drove for special needs kiddos and had a cable to plug in the van from her home.

  4. Since I live practically on your doorstep, it is the same here. The cows look hunkered down and miserable. I had been wondering about the 2 hour delay myself. Then last night the channel 3 news had the school superintendent talk about it. He said that instead of having the kids stay home, at least in school they know where they are and they will have a hot meal. Gosh, that is so sad to me! That some kids have to go to school to be safe and not go hungry.

  5. Stay warm, hopefully the cold will pass soon.

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  6. They must have a barn they can go into.

    Here it is snowing today.

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  8. Our school schedule has kept on track and it has been too cold! Our building is struggling to keep up with the cold and we have great facilities. *sigh* Even colder tomorrow. Wish we could stay home! lol Thanks for linking up today and STAY WARM!!

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  10. I do worry about the cows and horses that do not have a barn to get into when the weather is so cold. It was trash pick-up day here today, too. So cold for them to be out there, but they were well bundled up.

  11. Makes me thankful I never had an 'outside' job....and the fact that I've lived out of my life in south Florida. Stay warm!


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