Saturday, September 27, 2008

Football Saturday

One game down, one to go. Woke up this morning at 7:00 to the sound of rain. Called the cancellation hotline to see if our 9:00 game was cancelled, nope, games still being played as scheduled. Woke Braden and Dalton up, fed them, got them dressed and we headed out to Waldron Park for their game: Botetourt Bulldogs (us, in blue) vs North Roanoke. The rain poured on the way to the field and during drills but let up just in time for the boys to play. The Bulldogs won, even if it's only instructional and no score is really kept.

Now a brief break before Christian's game at noon.

Last night we attended Lord Botetourt's Homecoming game. LB played the Blacksburg Bruins and won 20-17 in the last few seconds of the game! Ashlyn is going to the Homecoming dance tonight so after Christian's game I get to play hair stylist and do something with her hair. Guess I better start looking at some styles to copy, ack! She thinks because I went to Cosmetology school 20 years ago that I remember this stuff,lol.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hello Tanya !
    I am smiling beacause this post is like others posts in others blogs...
    Ah ! the kids and the foot !
    Great smile to You...
    See You later.

  2. I just love watching pee-wee football on Saturday mornings. When my son was 5 he played flag football. This fall, though, he's playing soccer. Lots of fun!

  3. What a busy weekend you're having! I'm sure Ashlyn's hair will look great.

  4. You know mw I like a good sport shot. You can really feel the movemnet in this.

  5. No time off for mum....
    Nice photo. You can really see the team trying their best...

  6. I love sport photography and for me it's fascinting seeing Amearican football as it's not somethng I'm abke to photograph. Really got the momentum goin in this.


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