Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weeping Willow

My favorite tree of all time is the Willow Tree. I was excited to find out that we have one here at the new house, on the edge of the pond. It was home to many birds and squirrels.
Last week we had rain. ALOT of rain. After 2 days of rain, my son Christian came in to tell me that I had to go to the pond and see my tree.
Sadly my tree fell over during the rain. We've walked over to the backside of the pond but can't really tell what happened. It's not uprooted but a bit of the trunk is snapped, not much though.
So I finally have my Willow Tree, only to have it fall over 2 weeks after moving here,lol....hopefully some of it will continue to grow.


  1. I love willows too. I keep telling my husband that we really need one in our yard. Yours is still really pretty even though its weeping now.

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  3. If you take off the broken part the rest will surely live. Willows are strong that way. It is a nice photo for such a sad day.

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  4. Willow trees just do that all over the country - they tip over, or split. Don't worry, it will recover - in fact, I'm pretty sure they can't be killed. Just clean up the broken parts and it will sprout anew.

  5. Makes me think of Ratty, Mole and Mr Toad - my favourite book ever! I'm sure parts of the tree will live on. Nice shot.

  6. Your tree should be fine, although a bit smaller. I love a weeping willow too, especially draped over the side of a pond as this one is...

  7. Willows are beautiful and sometimes give a mysterious look to the places where they live, which is the case of your photo. I like that!

  8. Lovely picture. I love willows too. I don't think you have to worry about the willow. It will hang in there and grow...They seem to thrive just about anywhere.

  9. Thats bad luck to say the least! I'm sure it'll continue to grow, willow is just like a big weed - hard to get rid of! They look so nice by the water and are the perfect place for waterside wildlife.

    I've been good thanks. Not much to tell. Glad things are going well for ou and yours :)

  10. we have a willow tree that started small, was blown over in the wind, seemed a gonna but is now tall although strangely shaped.

    lop the top off and tie it back.

    PS why does your Monroe GA blog have "Around Roanoke, VA" on the title-bar?

  11. Hyde, we moved from Georgia in August and I haven't changed my title yet in the header....I'll get around to it soon,lol!!


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