Thursday, October 2, 2008

6 Years Old and All Grown Up

I was bringing up the rear, behind Braden and Dalton yesterday as they were heading to practice. Somehow I managed to snap a couple of photos while juggling my chair, their water jugs and my purse and camera. They look so grown up to me in this photo, where does the time go? Seems like yesterday when I found out I was having twins, now they are 6 years old and heading to football practice. I wish I knew how to slow time down.
Braden is number 22 and Dalton 23. Funny that Braden would be number 22 since they were born on 2/2/2002 and Braden was born at 2:22. If I was a numerologist I'd know what this means but since I'm not, I just think all those 2's are pretty cool!


  1. Their athlete's build makes a strong impression on me ;-)

  2. Wow! All the 2222s cannot be a coincidence. Now to figure out what it all means?

  3. Hello Tanya !
    Nice photo, but american football is dangerous... No ???
    See You later...

  4. The Breese Brothers... :-)

    Love the shot!!!

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  6. en étant né le 2/2/2002 il ne pouvait avoir que le numéro 22 ;o).
    Je croyais que les numéros représentaient aussi une place sur le terrain ?

    being born on 2/2/2002 it could only number 22 ;o).
    I thought the numbers were also a place on the ground?

  7. Tanya~~~
    Those boys are:
    2 good,
    2 be,
    4 gotten...

  8. This is priceless. I love the uniforms and all the padding and the helmets must be just to much to bear so they carry them. Great catch.

    See you at Tweet Tweets.

  9. Theu surely look cute in their football uniforms! :-)

  10. Tanya,
    I know how you feel about how fast time goes by and how quickly our children are growing up.

    This is a coincidence as I was just discussing with a friend/coworker how hard it is to think about our babies growing up, becoming teenagers, and moving away when they reach adulthood. I had just said that I wished I could keep them little forever.

    Then...just a few moments later I visited your blog. Your boys are so cute in their uniforms and they do look like strong little boys. A force to be reckoned with on the football field.

    All those 2's that you mention must mean good luck or something positive at least. That's just too cool!

    A great photo that you've taken considering you were carrying all those things at the same time.

    I love your blog and enjoy visiting every day! Thanks for visiting my blog and your always nice comments.


  11. Your boys seem like giant compares to my 5yr old daughter. It's great to see the boys in sport actions.

    p.s: thanks for dropping by & comments on my site.


  12. This a really cute picture. I can't believe all the 2's!

  13. Hi Tanya, thanks for stopping by. My boy is grown up so I don't really have the opportunity to photograph kids all that much. This picture is even more special knowing that you were multi-tasking, like all moms do!

  14. I hope they grow into those shoulders.

  15. WOW! They sure don't look like they are only 6! Cool shot!

  16. How cute!! Yes they do grow up - mine are taller than me now and wearing my shoes and clothes!! Not that these two sweeties will be doing that anytime soon!!!

  17. That is spooky! I have a thing about the number 11, but I don't know what it all means!

    Well done on getting round every one yesterday! A mammoth task :)

  18. Your sons are so cute...I mean athletically handsome. :)

  19. Oh man, they grow up sooooo fast!

  20. They look sooooo cute! I can understand... my daughter is almost three and she's just started nursery school... I see her so grown up! Time's really so fast.
    Thank you for having left a comment! Yes, it smells delicious!!

  21. I like your railway lines photo Tanya, and the one of your boys. Yes, they sure do grow up quickly! - Dave

  22. I'm a dud! I didnt know that they were twins until reading this post! Coool!


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