Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What A Week!

Things have been crazy busy around here since Friday when I last posted. As you know, my company was due to visit on Saturday but with all the rain they asked if they could postpone their visit till Sunday, which was fine. Braden and Dalton were also supposed to have their last football game of the season Saturday morning but that was rained out and rescheduled till last night (which was freezing cold mind you).

Sunday was wonderful, sunny, blue skies, about 70, perfect hiking weather so we went out for a stroll before our company arrived at 4. We walked out the back of our property and jumped on the train tracks and followed them out past Lord Botetourt High School, then found a hiking trail to follow. The picture above is one of my favorites now. It's Braden while on our hike, he looks like a little elf :) Everyone is in bright orange because it is hunting season and we would not like to be mistaken for a deer!

A little bit after our hike, our company arrived and they were all so wonderful. They loved the house and a few of the gentlemen know a bit about old houses and the way they were built so they speculated on a few things and shared with us what they suspected the house was like back in 1860.

They walked around and took alot of pictures of the house, and I took a few pictures of the group, but dumb me took the pictures with a couple of cameras that belonged to my company and forgot to take one with my own camera,lol...I'll email them and get a copy sent to me. They were also very kind to bring me a picture of Colonel Sperry which I'll share with you when I get my group photo of our new friends.

Busy rest of the week: Tonight is a school carnival that Ashlyn was in charge of planning for one of the local elementary schools. Tomorrow night Braden and Dalton have a birthday party to go to. Thursday night, we have Braden and Dalton's football party to go to and of course Friday night is Halloween. Phew, I'm tired just thinking about it! Take care :)

Oh, a little FYI. Do you know about Taco Bell's "Steal A Base, Steal A Taco" promo? Today, Tuesday, Taco Bell is giving out free tacos, one per customer from 2-6. Enjoy!


  1. This is a great shot!! We'll be wearing orange soon too - hunting season starts on Sunday - we've been hearing a lot of target practicing lately. ;-) It sounds like you had a good time with your visitors and learned something too!

  2. Oops!!!! I meant Saturday, not Sunday!! It's illegal to hunt on Sunday!!!!

  3. You are right, cute Braden looks like a cute elf! :-)
    Glad you have enjoyed the time spent with your visitors. Welcome back.

  4. Tanya, I'm giving you the Kreativ Blogger award. Stop by my blog to pick it up :-)

  5. What a cute picture of those kids! A real smile-inducer!

  6. il est mignon, j'adore cette photo.

  7. Busy times you're having! Have fun and stay well!

  8. Sounds like it was a nice week-end with the family and company. I enjoyed reading about your busy week-end and week. Now I have to go catch my breath, after that hike up the railroad tracks.

  9. He does look like a cute little elf! Love the orange!

  10. Braden looks great - until I read about the hunting, I thought you were being seasonal and dressing in pumpkin colours!

    Glad to hear all went well with your company - must have been interesting hearing about the history of your house. I love anything like that!


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