Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Slick Willy Comes To Town

Sunday we went to downtown Roanoke for the Latino Festival. While there we heard that President Clinton was coming to town. We decided to walk over and see what was going on.

They had the street blocked off from traffic and a long line of people waiting for the next 2 hours for Clinton's arrival. The kids enjoyed trying to pick out the Secret Service.

Here we noticed a vehicle getting the once over by this K-9. Luckily the vehicle was reported clean by the K-9 and he got a big hug from his police owner. It's cute to see how they really are just normal dogs, pleased with praise!

When we lived in Springfield, Missouri, President Bush came to town. We took the kids and it really was an awesome experience. No matter which side of the Presidential debate you are on, it is pretty cool to see them!


  1. HAHA, read the entire thing then saw Slick Willy in the title.

    Neat that you were able to see what goes into setting it up, and that you had your camera.

  2. Very good. You know Pres. Bush Sr. visited Three Li'l Pigs over there at Kroger... check out his photo with the owner sometime when you're having your BBQ.

  3. te voila reporteur photographe. Bill Clinton était venu pour les élections ? c'est ce soir le dernier débat ?

    you are reporter photographer. Bill Clinton was ripe for elections? Tonight is the last debate?

  4. Hello Tanya !
    Bill Clinton ? For cinema ??? Smile for You...

    I know that there elections in USA, and I know the name of candidats...
    And Yours photos are nice...

    See You letter !

  5. So you waited long enough to see Him??
    When to look in my dictionary for the translation of slick!!and I am still not decided if it's good or bad!! Does not matter,really, I am not "InTo"politics...

  6. Jim, it was pretty cool to see all the goings on in setting things up!

    CD, I'll have to go over and check that out! We still haven't eaten over there yet!

    Olivier, Bill Clinton was there to show support for Obama.

    Hi Web, thanks for stopping by :)

    Hi Marie, no we didn't hang around that long! Not sure if "Slick Willy" is a good thing either but one of the corner bars had a drink named in his honor,lol.

  7. In France we hear news of the elections every day!
    Obama seems to have to win


  8. I met President Clinton a few years ago at a book signing for his autobiography. I totally get what they're talking about when they say he lights up a room. I've never seen anyone with that much charisma. I'll admit, I stammered like an idiot when I met him. He was very charming and funny. It was really exciting to meet him, and he seemed genuinely interested in each person who shook his hand.

  9. Yes, whatever one thinks about the President (whoever it is) you are getting to see the most powerful person in the world. Awe inspiring stuff!

  10. Good shots of the set-up for the ol' pres. I agree with you, it's a treat to see them - we just take it too far and often forget what amazingly intelligent men (and maybe eventually women) they are.

  11. I smiled at your title. I wondered what you meant until I read your article. Clever! Tanya :) - Dave

  12. I bet your twins were really excited watching all that situation with the dog and everything! :-)

  13. It's neat that you were able to see (and record) the preparations for a presidential visit. We took our son to see President Nixon, but he was so young that he doesn't remember it.


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