Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Week

I'm not sure if you celebrate Halloween where you live but Friday is Halloween here in the good ol US of A. Halloween used to be huge when I was a kid. Almost every house had candy to pass out except that one house that everyone had on their block, that you were afraid of anyway. Now days, it's hard to find many people who do pass out candy and also the schools have done away with letting kids wear their costumes to school and the Halloween party has been traded out for the Fall Festival.

I remember as a kid, my friends and I would hit the whole neighborhood, dragging our pillow cases filled with loot behind us by the end of the night. I also remember this awesome haunted house, Scream In The Dark, that was put on every year by an organization called Campus Life and if I remember correctly, it's a Christian based group (correct me if I'm wrong) and they always had the scariest haunted houses. It was so much fun to go through it and get the wits scared out of us. I haven't been through a good haunted house like that since back in high school. Such fun memories!

Thank you JM who honored me with the

Now I have to list 6 things that make me happy:
1)My kids of course, oh and I should put my husband in there too :)
2)A good book
4)My friends
5)Getting a letter from someone I haven't heard from in a long while
6)Crisp, clean sheets on the bed!

And it's my turn to pass this on to 6:

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San Francisco

Thanks again JM :)


  1. My 14-yr-old is going to be Tiny Tim - the singer. I wish I could just pick up a costume for $9.97.
    Your little one looked just adorable in his orange hat - a bit like an orange Smurf.

  2. cette affiche est superbe, on dirait le Joker dans Batman.

    this poster is superb, it looks like the Joker in Batman.

  3. My, you sure have had a busy week Tanya. You are a typical mother! I liked your photos in the last three entries I missed. - Dave

  4. Nice affiche...

    Busy week ???

    Halloween is not a great feast in France... We have, order, "All Saints, the feast of the dead"

  5. Halloween here is more just kids going to the businesses getting candy. The main drag in town has a big ta-do. I dont even think we have any kids on our streets.

  6. Interesting the poster is using the joker to advertise halloween.

  7. Yes, it's very sad the passing of Halloween. Around here people treat it like it's the work of the devil. Sheesh! I love it and miss it.

  8. Here we have a three days party on Carnival, a few weeks before Easther.

  9. I see the family in orange was a good idea, no one mistook you for a deer. You lead a busy life when do you find time to blog?

  10. Even if I can't give you a trip in Dysneyland, would you agree to be one of my "followers"?

  11. Well, Tanya, "Louis" is honored - or as they say in the South, "pleased as punch!"

    "Louis" thanks you very much!

  12. Tanya...your Halloween memories sound very similar to mine. We carried the pillowcases all 'round the neighborhood and had them stuffed full with candy by the end of the evening. Also, the haunted houses were so much fun and so very frightening. Good Halloween times. Our neighborhood doesn't seem to give out the candy as in years also seems the harvest festivals in our area have taken over where there used to be halloween parties.

  13. I miss the old Halloween too! I didn't know that kids can't dress up at school anymore though. That's a shame. Although I think the costumes these days are much too elaborate. When we were kids it was such fun digging through your closet and trying to put something together. Now it seems like everything is ready-made.

    Ahhh well! My husband and I will me manning the doorstep though. There are lots of cuties in our neighborhood and I hope to get some pictures.

  14. My oldest son is 25 and will be joining the Greenwich village Parade on Friday night with his girlfriend,they came home last week to work on their costume!!! So I got in the spirit and decorated my home like before!!
    It was fun.
    I like your little Orange elf

  15. Halloween was never a big deal here in the past, but it's beginning to be popular now, mainly because of the trick or treating. But it's still limited to gated neighborhoods because of safety concerns.

    Sigh, I miss Heath Ledger…

  16. The poster is beautiful, the photo too. Thank you for visiting my blog :-)

  17. That Joker still creeps me out.

    I can't decide if I am going to be an Alien Pumpkin or something completely different.

    Happy Halloween...

  18. Scary shot...

    congrats for the award

  19. a superb poster !!
    The blood is going to pour this weekend


  20. Thanks so much for the award!!

    It's really interesting to hear that things are changing in the US regarding Halloween. In the UK when I was a kid (we are the same age!) no-one celebrated Halloween at all, it just wasn't heard of. Now however, the American tradition of trick or treating has really caught on, and it's something that quite a lot of people do do now! I haven't heard of the Fall Festival - that's something we don't have yet! Maybe that will happen in time!

  21. We all love Halloween here! I too remember the pillow case days! I don't see many kids that do that anymore!

  22. We still celebrate Halloween here! ;-)

  23. We are definitey celebrating Halloween more American style now than when I was a kid. Trick or treating wasn't done, but now I have tubs of sweets at the ready.I remember the episodes of Roseanne and the Haloween ones were always the biggest deal.

  24. Thanks Tanya for the award!

    Yes, Campus Life is a Christian group and I remember Scream in the Dark. That was back before some Christians decided NOT to do Halloween.


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