Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fences # 2

This is @ Camp Alta Mons in Shawsville. I took this photo in the fall when we went hiking past this place to see the falls. Not too far from here is where we saw those cute baby bear cubs which if you don't remember you can read about it right here!

You can rent this old farmhouse for large groups to camp in.

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Last night Nick and I went to see the Cirque Du Soleil show here in Roanoke. What a fabulous show! Before the show they ask you to please turn off all your cell phones because it could be dangerous to the performers as they work on light cues. Almost everyone obliged except for one rude woman who sat 2 rows in front of us. Every 5 minutes, not exaggerating here either, she would turn her phone on and scan through facebook. It was easy for us all to see what she was looking at. And she wasn't even a young kid, she was a grown woman, 50 years old easily, so she definitely should have known better. She'd stay on her phone for a couple of minutes, enough time to check all her "important" notifications, then turn it off, watch a couple of minutes of the show, then turn her phone back on and check facebook again, over and over. She finally left with her partner a little before the show ended and the man sitting behind me yelled at her "thank you", of course she was too stupid to know that he was talking to her. I turned around and said "I know, she was so annoying with her phone" and he replied that he had been wishing all through the show that he had a water balloon to throw at her!

Really, what is wrong with people that they can't even follow simple directions and show a little courtesy? This cell phone epidemic is so out of control. I think when we go to a public show where they say "no cell phones" and a person still refuses to follow the rules, we need a laser light or something that we can call them out, silently, not to be disruptive, and the people that work there can go get them and tell them to leave the show. So aggravating isn't it?


  1. we saw one of their shows when on our honeymoon what a great view there. love it!! in disney world in 2004. such a great show. i always wonder about people these days. why, don't they realize how mean & rude it is to other people around them. we noticed this a lot while in Florida this week. people just don't think i guess. what is the world coming to... is my question? will it ever get better or only get worse? (:

  2. weird, the comment deleted part of what i wrote. odd. i also said i loved your view there. great fence. (:

  3. That farmhouse is certainly snuggled in its setting! I love the long line of fence and the fall grass!

    I'm wondering why the lady paid to come see the show if she really wasn't that interested. Save your money, stay home.

  4. It would be a fun place for a meeting of photo bloggers!

    Rudeness abounds in the technology world with self-centered and clueless people. We have to learn to step up and politely ask offenders to stop whatever they are doing. Not anything to do with technology, but at a recent classical musical concert, a woman directly to my left and another one row in front of me constantly fanned themselves with the program booklet during the performance. Now I must learn to diplomatically ask these people to stop!

  5. i like the layers of mountains and trees and fence line. :)

  6. I would love to rent some time in this farmhouse! What a wonderful, peaceful vacation that would be! Lovely photo!

    About the rude woman...I think a water balloon would have been a great idea, or maybe stop the show, lay a spotlight on her and draw attention to her for the whole auditorium until she turned it off for good. Embarrassment! That would work, I think!

  7. Love that old fence! You got a beautiful shot, Tanya!

  8. This looks like a wonderful place to spend a family weekend.

    Funny how life has changed in my day. People use to walk around with boom boxes on their shoulders forces all of us to listen to their music (that was rude also) Today anywhere you walk people are on their phones, I hate listening to someone's conversation while waiting in a small place like a doctors office waiting room.

  9. I love the farmhouse set back in the trees and the long line of fence, great composition!
    People sure do need to learn how to "unplug," maybe by renting out this farmhouse in the trees!! :)

  10. I love the layers of texture in this photo - from the grass to the fence and up to the trees.
    I'm curious to hear which Cirque show you saw - they were just in our neck of the woods last week - Quidam.

  11. I really like the wooden fence you posted. I also like the rustic setting of the camp.

    I completely agree with you about cell phones. We carry one in the car, but it stays there when we go to a performance of any kind.


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