Friday, March 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday - The Jefferson Center

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Jefferson High School 1924-1974
Originally constructed in 1922, Jefferson High School served as Roanoke's largest high school for half a century. Read more about its history HERE

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Fast forward to the year 1989...The Jefferson Center Foundation is born. "Jefferson Center is celebrating the arts renaissance in Virginia’s Blue Ridge and we are proud to be doing it with your support in Shaftman Performance Hall, our community’s theater, which is playing an integral role as a home to great performances." Read more HERE

The Jefferson Center. 541 Luck Avenue. Roanoke, Virginia. 24016

Now for some randoms:

1) A rainy weekend in store. Blah...please don't rain on Sunday...have outdoor plans.

2) Click Here for a story about a road trip to Roanoke. You might recognize some of the places from my blog ;)

3) Click Here to see pictures of abandoned places in Virginia. I've got some of my own to add to it.

4) Click Here to see an artist a day. I directed you to artist Michael Ward. He's from Costa Mesa, Ca...not far from my own hometown. I love his retro work!

5) Click Here to see this amazing series of photos called "Where Children Sleep".

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