Friday, December 27, 2013

Mountain Lake Lodge-A Series-Part 10-Chillaxin

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Enjoying each other's company at the Lodge...take a look at THIS, a fun New Years Eve Celebration with a delectable menu..yum!

And now for some of Miss Nancy's Random 5's:

1) Amazing how much planning you do for Christmas, then it's over in a flash! Do you take all your stuff down now or wait for Epiphany? I'm ready to take it all down now and get settled back in.

2) What did you get for Christmas? I got a new camera and P90X3 that I've been wanting! Yay me!

3) Have to run out to Buchanan shortly to pick up Christian's girlfriend for the day. Thinking of taking the new cam with me to try it out there. I love Buchanan's quaint downtown.

4) We had ham for Christmas dinner. Today I will make THIS with the leftovers. YUM!

5) I am reading THIS BOOK right now....It's a page turner.

A few highlights from Christmas :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oooh, a new camera! Do tell what kind. I hope you like it.

    1. oh it's just a little nikon point/shoot...i needed a new one! i've only used it a little last night but so far i like the quality!

  2. loved the top shot. congrats on a new camera!

  3. LOVE the Lodge pic . . . I hope that new camera takes more pictures!

  4. i totally agree with you on #1. it just plain stinks. all the prep & then it is gone. boo hooo!! ) :

    got to go & see what you are reading now. bye.

  5. Looks like you had a fabulous family Christmas, have a fab weekend too!

  6. Great shot at the Lodge! And yay for a new camera! Enjoy it!

    That book does look like a page turner. I got several books for Christmas, but I don't know which to read first. :-)

  7. A new camera? Cool! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Looks like a fun time, both at the lodge and at Christmas.

    Thanks for joining in Tanya and Happy New Year! xo

  8. Aw, sweet Christmas photos Tanya. My Czech grandmother insisted that the tree stay up till the feast of the three kings, January 6th, and so it stays up till then in her honour, but to tell you the truth I'm so ready to start spring. Bring on the tulips I say!

  9. Sounds great!
    I took my stuff down. I can't take it!

  10. Great looking family photos! I received a new 50mm lens, as my old one broke.

  11. Starting to get sad tonight. It's our last night in Roanoke with the grandkids. But it has been a blast. However it's a good thing we had lots of visit time before they opened the Wii !

  12. Christmas really is over in a flash. Today I was feeling productive so I actually took down all the decorations already!

  13. Take stuff down on New Years Day.
    We had ham.
    Still eating leftovers
    Wanted sweater. Got it!
    I was a good boy.
    Reading: Santaland Diaries

  14. Yes, Tanya, Christmas is gone now and all the hop-la is over. It does get expensive at this time of the year and I'm glad it's over. I usually take our house decorations down outside the day after Christmas. They were down this morning while the weather is good. Eileen and I still have leftovers from Christmas Dinner, but they are dwindling fast. Will be having some family over for Pork & Sauerkraut New Years Day. Have a great Holiday Season, Tanya and be well.

  15. We take our decorations down on New Years Day. Speaking of which, have a great 2014!

  16. You had a busy Christmas!

    Happy New Year!


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