Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Looks Like I Have A New House!

Well it looks like it's pretty final and this will be our new home! I've always loved old houses and this one was built in 1860! The kids and animals have plenty of room to run!
We should be able to close on the last minute scrambling here to get things ready to move!
Well, we are rightn now in the midst of a huge thunderstorm so I better sign off now!
Oh, keep in mind that the trees are bare since these photos were taken in the winter!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Crepe Myrtle

I planted this little baby Crepe Myrtle when we first moved in. Look how pretty the blooms are!

Nick is in Roanoke now. He has to start work tomorrow. We still don't have a house there but he looked at one that I have had my eye on. It's an old home (I love old houses) and he's undecided about it right now. If you pray, pray that we get that house if it's meant to be!

I feel badly for not updating but have been busy on my side, packing and getting the house in order for the move.

I will post regularly once we get settled in!