Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tuesday's Treasures - Meador's Store


Moneta, Virginia

So carrying on from Friday, this sits next door to the Produce Warehouse/Dinwiddie & the movie "What About Bob", this was the store. From what I have been able to find is that this was an antique shop/coffee shop when the film crew wanted to use it and it was changed into a store...I haven't been able to find much on it except I think it was originally the Meador Store...from the small amount of info I could find!

These were taken in August, it's not as green now!

I actually crept along this porch, against my husband's better judgment!

I like that light hanging!

If you look closely in the window, you can see that people have left lots of little messages, mostly relating to the movie.

I also like these doors!!

See?! Isn't that a pretty cool light?!

A peek inside...I guess leftovers from its antique store days...I see a Trivial Pursuit game!
Looking towards the produce warehouse from Friday...

While we were there snapping pictures, another man from the "Abandoned Virginia" Facebook page was there haha, small world! 

Also, a local that lives behind here somewhere drove down and stopped to talk with my husband and myself. He grew up here, a bit younger than I am...he mentioned how a lot of people come here to take pictures and he understood, didn't seem bugged by it at all...seemed to love these old buildings too...even said he had his senior pictures taken here!! He was a nice guy!

I was trying to find some info on it, like when it was built, but came up empty handed...I did find some neat history though that does mention this and the building from Friday, plus the history of the area and can read up by clicking these links: Down Home in Smith Mountain Lake & Moneta, The Little Town That Keeps Going

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Sorry for loading up on pictures on this post! Since I haven't been a regular poster lately I'm trying to catch up and get out of summer pics!!

Hope everyone is healthy and doing well!!

Friday, October 16, 2020

Dinwiddie & Son


Old Moneta

Hi again! Ugh, this new format (new to me) is taking some getting used to! Anyways, remember last time I posted I was telling you about this little abandoned place where some of the movie "What About Bob" had been filmed? To be honest I couldn't care less where the movie was filmed...I  saw it way back when it came out and thought it was funny and all...had no idea it had been filmed here, but then I lived way out in California when that happened haha...anyways, you know how I just love old, abandoned things so it only makes sense that I belong to a group called "Abondoned Virginia" on Facebook and that is where I first saw posts of this place, and learned about the filming of the, this building was spruced up and became the "bus depot" in the movie...

In real life though, which I'm more interested in this old place's history and the stories it could tell...I wasn't able to find out much, only that this building started out as Dinwiddie & Son.

This was once a thriving little village until the road was rerouted...

"It was the railroad, the same thing that helped the little town prosper, that killed the Moneta that was. Trains held up traffic longer than Virginia law allowed so the state rerouted Virginia 122 and closed the railroad crossing in 2000. The shops on Old Moneta Road soon closed and fell to ruin."

Quote found HERE

I'll show you more on Monday :)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Window Dressing

Moneta, Virginia

A few weeks ago Nick and I were in search of some abandoned buildings where the movie What About Bob was filmed...this window was from a building in the same area...I'll show you more on the What About Bob filming location later! Today I am thankful for a little road trip Nick and I took today! We found a new museum dedicated to The Bedford Boys (from D-Day)...will show more from that later too! This one is worth waiting for! Linking with Tom's Signs2 and Michelle's Thankful Thursday

Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday Link Ups

I was taking Ashlyn to pick up her car from being serviced in Buchanan...we took a wrong turn but found a pretty road!
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This neat old police car is down the street from our house...the man who owns it has a big pond on his property and he lets my boys fish there.
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A couple of weeks ago a woman spilled her can of stain in the garden center at Lowe's...I liked the reflection it made!
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Ozzy relaxing by the pool! Linking with Saturday's Critters

I saw somewhere that Willy Nilly isn't happening I missing any other link ups? It has been so long I have forgotten! Are there any new ones that I should be doing?! Let me know!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Tuesday's Treasures - Blue Ridge Mountains

Taken from the Lowe's parking lot . Bonsack

See the way the sun is highlighting the mountain? That is one of my favorite things!

It's nice working out in the garden center as I can enjoy the outdoors and scenery...let's get a little closer...

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Monday, August 17, 2020

Happy Cows

Homestead Creamery . 7254 Booker T. Washington . Wirtz . VA . 24184

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to go check out this neat little abandoned area where the old movie What About Bob was filmed...Nick was happy to take me as long as we got lunch at the Homestead Creamery (and ice cream haha)

Love the cows in this cute picture!

Also saw this sign inside:

Sounds good to me!

For more info on The Creamery, Click Here

I've missed blogging and hopefully will get back into a routine for it...I had computer problems for the longest time because of too many pictures on it but got a drive and things seem way better now!

Hoping all my blogging friends are doing well!

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

August Theme Day - City People

Click on photo to enlarge

In the Bonsack Kroger parking lot.

Well hello friends! I can't believe my last post was back in June...not a lot going on over here, just working! I am thankful I have a job to keep me busy!

So one day last week as I was pulling out of Kroger I noticed this woman trying to earn a few bucks...I liked her creativity...I pulled a few dollars out of my wallet and tried to discreetly snap a pic through my windshield and as I was rolling over to give her some money a man was walking up towards me carrying a sign and I recognized him from the corner he was standing on a few days ago at Lowe's (just down the street)...the reason I recognized him was because he had a great sign which said "we ugly, but we hungry"!...When I saw that I had wanted to get a picture but it was such a hard place to stop unless you caught the stop light at the right time.

Anyways, he walked up to my car and I asked if they were together and he said they were so I gave him my few bucks for their collection...if I see him again I will try to get a picture of his sign!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Click on photo to enlarge

Goodwill Drop Off . Blue Ridge Blvd . Troutville

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tuesday's Treasures - Lavender

Click on photos to enlarge

The lavender is really growing like crazy in my is my favorite! I need to plant about 5 more so it lines the whole side of my house...

And the bees really love it too!
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Have a great day 😉

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Rent Strike

Exxon Station . 225 Roanoke Rd . Daleville

I think this person is trying to convey a rent strike. I remember hearing about it on the news in the bigger cities but not sure how it all turned out...
Will 2020 improve because it's just not looking likely. (Photo taken in April)
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Today I am thankful for a fluffy new pillow! My old one was getting lumpy. My husband and I went out shopping for some things for the house and we each got a new pillow! Can't beat a good night's sleep!
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Stay safe and healthy ♥️

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tuesday's Treasures - Baby Birds

Click on photos to enlarge

Bonsack Lowe's . Roanoke

The other day we discovered these cute babies in a nest in one of our trees for sale. I wasn't tall enough to get a pic without disturbing them so a tall co-worker did for me haha....

I made this sign so hopefully nobody bothers we moved some other trees kind of in front of it for a little protection...I think they are Robins because when we are near it a Robin flies from the tree and perches nearby and watches us haha...she's a good mama!

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Monday, June 1, 2020

June Theme Day - Park

Click on photos to enlarge

Bonsack Lowe's . Roanoke

Every Memorial Day all the Lowe's decorates a parking spot for our fallen heroes. This was our display this year.
Every store's display is constructed from items for sale in the store...they get very creative and differ store to store.

To see takes on the theme all over the world, visit City Daily Photo

I hope everyone is well during this time of unrest and uncertainty ♥️

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Reopening, Phase One

The Coffee Pot Roadhouse . 2902 Brambleton Ave SW . Roanoke

Tomorrow we enter phase one of reopening Virginia. This will allow some non-essential businesses to slowly reopen. Places like salons, barbershops, restaurants with outdoor seating, churches, etc...I also read that the mall was to reopen...

The Coffee Pot is a historic roadhouse built in 1936 as a filling station and tea room.

Today I am thankful for a warm day back in the 70's....the weather has been wacky and cold with overnight annoying!

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Friday, May 1, 2020

May Theme Day - Shopping

Click on photo to enlarge

Lowe's . Bonsack . Roanoke County

When the City Daily Photo themes were chosen little did we know what shopping would look like in May.

I took this picture yesterday while I worked. Lowe's is considered an essential business so we are open. Most people come in and shop wearing face masks now. This man is being extra cautious by wearing his face mask and a shield. Lowe's is offering curbside pick up as well right now but still a lot of people like to come in and shop.

Starting on Monday it is mandatory for Lowe's employees to wear a face mask.

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Willy Nilly Friday 5/2020 #14

Click on photos to enlarge

Wednesday my oldest Ashlyn and I took her dogs to Explore Park to stretch their legs, and ours! Here's a few scenes from the day:

Cabin through the woods...

Old barn on the hill...



Details on a barn door...

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Got Guns?

Click on photo to enlarge

Big Boy Guns . 4568 Blue Ridge Blvd . Blue Ridge . Botetourt County

Yesterday was a really nice day..spent a couple of hours with Nick and Ozzy at the creek...just need to social distance as nobody else is around! On the way home Nick decided he wanted a cigar so we stopped at the little smoke shop near our house...attached is a gun shop with people lined up outside...I waited in the truck as I don't care to go into the smoke shop...ewww!

Anyways...I just don't get people freaking out over guns and ammo right now...but it is happening...I'm not anti gun...I grew up in a family who loved guns...all my family members had gun safes with locks to hold their guns, including my kids would never dream of touching them. We belonged to a Gun Club and all of our family (grandparents, Uncle and cousins) would camp there almost every we had so many friends that were also members...I have so many great memories and learned gun safety at an early age along with all the kids that were members...I had my own 22 when I proved that I was responsible...the gun club held competitions for the adults and then separate competitions for us kids...we had so much fun and learned respect for the guns and would never touch one without an adult...
Then my high school sweetheart who I married joined the Marine Corps...he was a grunt and of course into shooting....we had a few guns at home...kept them locked when not in use...
So I guess my point is I see on Facebook so many people freaking out that they need a gun/guns and these are people that I don't particularly trust with one...I'm just scratching my head at this new phenomenon of gun toting...I do live in a open carry state so seeing someone with a gun on their hip in public doesn't worry me as I feel these are typically good people who I feel safe around that my be able to stop a crazy situation.
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Today I am thankful for a great afternoon spent with my daughter and her pups...after Nick, Ozzy and I got home Ashlyn and I went for a walk at a park I really like...we would have taken Ozzy but sadly at his age (9) it is alot for his joints 🙁
Anyways it was a great day!!
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