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Hi! I'm Tanya! I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have 4 children. Well, one is actually an adult now, that would be Ashlyn and she is 19! My how time flies! Next is Christian and he is 16 and then my babies, 11 year old identical twin boys. A surprise and a blessing! My husband Nick and I are born and bred San Diegans. We met in 10th grade and married at 19. Nick was in the Marine Corps when we married and we spent the first few years of our lives stationed in 29 Palms, Ca. After having our first two children I knew I wanted to raise them someplace with a slower pace. We also wanted 4 SEASONS and I really wanted a "Little House on the Prairie" kind of life. In 2001 We ended up in Willard, Missouri. It was everything we were looking for and more. That is also where we welcomed Braden and Dalton (the twins) into our family. We lived there for a few years and then Nick's job took us to Walton County, Georgia where we stayed another few years before (also where I started this blog) his job moved us up here to Botetourt County, Va! We have been so blessed to see so much of our great country and I enjoy sharing it all with you! Oh, and we must not forget our sweet Ozzy, our almost 3 year old Rottweiler who thinks he's just one of the boys!


  1. Hello!
    I am visiting from Uberrhund's Blog via ABC Wednesday.
    Love that old mill building, looks like it has good bones, hopefully the new developers do something wonderful with it.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I sign in as Janis of So Cal because I am a California girl and though sometimes I daydream of living elsewhere I have no intention of ever leaving . I am just up the 15 from San Diego in Corona in fact, I am headed down to San Diego tomorrow for the Big 3 Antique Auto Swap, a yearly tradition at Jack Murphy stadium followed by Phil's BBQ out by the Sports Arena!
    I figure as long as I have that "aahhhhh,welcome home" feeling whenever I return from a trip I will still be in So Cal!
    Heck I am 54 and cannot learn to call Jack Murphy by the name Quallcom Stadium and it has been going by that name for around 20 years!
    I have friends out in Rustberg VA and I have to say it is beautiful and green, full of history and life but So Cal is home base for me.

    1. ahhhh jack murphy stadium! and the del mar fair! nice to meet you!

  2. Hi Tanya,
    I'm glad to meet you!
    You have a beautiful family!
    I'm a twin too, I have a twin sister?
    Have a lovely weekend. :)

  3. After all this time of visiting, I am just now getting round to reading this. I know 29 Palms as we visited after Joshua Tree National Park. I remember the base there and all the murals around town. It was fun to visit and I loved Joshua Tree.

  4. My husband was a Marine...before I met him. He was in near the end of the Vietnam War.

    So, do you know the song 29 Psalms by Robert Plant? That is the first thing I wondered when I saw your hubby had been stationed there.

  5. Hi! I came across your blog on the Virginia Bloggers page. I'm a Roanoker myself! I'm living in Richmond now, but I love seeing your posts from around the area. I miss it.

  6. Hi. Just browsing. I am at, Diary of a Nature Love. I like your pictures. Was just in Roanoke for the first time and loved the antiquing.

  7. I can’t believe after almost 10 years of blogging I just came upon your blog.. I,too, am a Roanoke blogger,and a retired teacher from Troutville Elementary school.. I really enjoy your posts and photos. . I came upon you trying to find the host of Willy Nelly. What a fun meme.


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