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  1. Hi Im Brick The one that painted the rails and trails mural back in 2009 -2010. Let me state this was my first painting of a mural and a learning process as to the size and scope of its expression and true spirit of this area that being of trains and hikers. Hikers was my wife Janie's I deal..We in the family all gave it an 89. However the politics sat in when I decided to dedicate the mural on behalf of my Wife's love for her grandchildren and was ask to remove the statement,I refused.Therefore you cannot put the full blame on a second hand spa that put up a cheap sign on this mural .Just look who controls the Arts in Giles will answer most questions of the vindictive nature to where this mural will be covered over by stone.Indeed As an Artist Im greatly upset over this issue yet I have been able to do a mural for the town of Narrows during 2013 which eases the social backstabbing from the town across the river just a bit. please note I have my own Gallery here in Narrows= Bricks Soul Kitchen.


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