Friday, April 17, 2020

Willy Nilly Friday 5/2020 #14

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Wednesday my oldest Ashlyn and I took her dogs to Explore Park to stretch their legs, and ours! Here's a few scenes from the day:

Cabin through the woods...

Old barn on the hill...



Details on a barn door...

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Got Guns?

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Big Boy Guns . 4568 Blue Ridge Blvd . Blue Ridge . Botetourt County

Yesterday was a really nice day..spent a couple of hours with Nick and Ozzy at the creek...just need to social distance as nobody else is around! On the way home Nick decided he wanted a cigar so we stopped at the little smoke shop near our house...attached is a gun shop with people lined up outside...I waited in the truck as I don't care to go into the smoke shop...ewww!

Anyways...I just don't get people freaking out over guns and ammo right now...but it is happening...I'm not anti gun...I grew up in a family who loved guns...all my family members had gun safes with locks to hold their guns, including my kids would never dream of touching them. We belonged to a Gun Club and all of our family (grandparents, Uncle and cousins) would camp there almost every we had so many friends that were also members...I have so many great memories and learned gun safety at an early age along with all the kids that were members...I had my own 22 when I proved that I was responsible...the gun club held competitions for the adults and then separate competitions for us kids...we had so much fun and learned respect for the guns and would never touch one without an adult...
Then my high school sweetheart who I married joined the Marine Corps...he was a grunt and of course into shooting....we had a few guns at home...kept them locked when not in use...
So I guess my point is I see on Facebook so many people freaking out that they need a gun/guns and these are people that I don't particularly trust with one...I'm just scratching my head at this new phenomenon of gun toting...I do live in a open carry state so seeing someone with a gun on their hip in public doesn't worry me as I feel these are typically good people who I feel safe around that my be able to stop a crazy situation.
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Today I am thankful for a great afternoon spent with my daughter and her pups...after Nick, Ozzy and I got home Ashlyn and I went for a walk at a park I really like...we would have taken Ozzy but sadly at his age (9) it is alot for his joints 🙁
Anyways it was a great day!!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

My 2020 Grads

Well hello blog world...I just haven't been in much of a blogging mood lately...we are all hanging in there but schedules are upside down right now...I know most of you feel that too...I am thankful to still have a job to go to as it gives me a little break from all this craziness.

Easter my older 2 came over for the day and it was so nice having the 6 of us together! We ate...drank a little (those of us who are old enough haha) and laughed a was a great day!

Braden and Dalton had put their suits on because they were taking some fun pictures with Christian, their older brother...when I saw them dressed up I told them to stick masks on because I wanted a picture of that, which they thought was a stupid idea but gave in to me, the good guys that they are!

I thought this was a good representation of this year...sadly...

We ordered their suits early for prom, which was to be next month... Dalton's girlfriend's prom was supposed to be last month...I imagine later when it is safe the schools will plan something for them...I heard that graduation is being held later in June.... school gets out next month.

FYI: Braden is standing on a bit of a hill....their heights are not that different!

Hope you are all doing well!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Theme Day - School

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Greenfield Elementary School . 288 Etzler Rd . Troutville

This was taken at about 7 this morning...I volunteered to come in and get lunches ready for delivery to kids that need them in our county...just like every where else, our schools are closed...I think our last day was March 13 and about a week ago our governor announced that they won't reopen this school year...
We moved here in 2008... Braden and Dalton were starting 1st grade and this was their school through 5th grade!

On my way home this morning I decided to show you also the middle school and high school...

Read Mountain Middle School . 182 Orchard Hill Dr . Cloverdale

When we moved here Christian was starting 6th grade so this is where he went to school...and Braden and Dalton when they graduated 5th was raining so I had my window up to take a picture...rain drops are on my window...

Lord Botetourt High School . 1435 Roanoke Rd . Daleville

Again when we moved here Ashlyn was starting 9th grade so this is the school she went to...she graduated in 2012, and Christian graduated from here in 2015... Braden and Dalton are seniors here and graduating in May (Class of 2020) of now there is not a graduation ceremony scheduled...
I started working here part time when we moved has been nice working at the school that all my kids have gone to...I am also leaving this year...I always said I was going to leave once Braden and Dalton graduate...I just didn't think it would go by so quick!

To see schools from all over the world visit City Daily Photo

Stay healthy!