Monday, January 17, 2022

Not Snow Much


Blue Ridge. Botetourt County 

For a week they were forecasting soooo much snow!! Like 24 inches worth of snow!! I started to get a little worried…stopped at the store on my way home Saturday and picked up some snow food in case we were unable to get out of the house for a day and starve!!

It snowed for hours!! 

I heard somewhere around 7 inches…that sounds about right…

Today was freezing and windy

Braden is snowed in at his girlfriend’s house…texted me yesterday that he took a home Covid test and it was positive…we’ve all been sick here too…I took a home test last week and it was negative…Nick took one last night and it was positive…Dalton has an appointment to be tested on Wednesday….

I went out to clean my driveway and my neighbor came over and helped me…they both just had Covid…it really is spreading like crazy right now…

I had to run to Food Lion this afternoon to pick up some more meds and Airborne…the roads were still a bit icy and the parking lot was cleaned up pretty good…hoping everyone wakes up feeling better! I’m sure glad we didn’t get as much as they were thinking!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Tuesday’s Treasures - Roanoke City Library


Raleigh Court Branch . 2112 Grandin Rd . Roanoke 

This library is in Ashlyn’s old neighborhood…we had to stop there one day last summer to have some copies made…we weren’t allowed in though because of Covid…there was a nice guy stationed at the door to help us…

Anyways I loved the building and snapped a couple of pictures while we waited and then I kind of just forgot about them…that is until I saw Robert from St. Louis Daily Photo post a building today which looked similar to my library! You can check his post out HERE 

Now back to my library…it was built in 1966…the original library, not on this site, had opened in 1927! For more on the library and its history/pictures Click Here 

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Monday, January 10, 2022

Monday Murals - Golden Cactus Brewing


214 5th St Sw . Roanoke

What does this mural have in common with the last few I’ve posted? Well they are all within walking distance…even flowing into the next one like this:

Remember “Floating, Together “ the last time I posted to Monday Murals? Look familiar now?!

Roanoke really is a colorful little city!

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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Signs 2 - Elba Butcher Shoppe


Elba Butcher Shoppe . 212 East Washington St . Bedford

We used to go to a butcher in Salem called O’Brien’s…they had a great cut of steak we’d get which they marinated but sadly they closed a few years back…Nick had heard of this butcher shop in Bedford so we stopped in last week after we had gone to the park…

Oh my gosh!! It was literally like stepping back into the 1950’s!! I wasn’t around in the 50’s but it is how I imagine it would have been back then!  I LOVED it! This is no yuppy chain store, no ma’am…this is olden days America!! The employees were as sweet as can be and the selection of meats put Kroger and Food Lion to shame! We grabbed a of couple rib eyes and grilled them at home and they were delicious! We will definitely be going back! 

While writing this post up I was wanting to know more about Elba’s previous life because Elba’s hasn’t been open too long…

Before Elba’s became Elba’s it was known as Vista Foods, which opened in the 1950’s but sadly closed in February of 2020 because it just couldn’t compete with the big box stores 😢

Fortunately Wendall Dawson came along and purchased the store and opened his 3rd Elba Butcher Shoppe in June of the same year! Also Wendall worked at the old Vista Foods from 1981 to 2012! This is one happy ending! Leave it to me to enter an old grocery store and have to find out the whole history lol…

I also found this sweet little news video about Vista closing which you can watch HERE and you can read about the opening of Elba HERE

If you zoom in on the picture you can see a Christmas Tree under the open sign! Love that extra touch!

Today, for Thankful Thursday I am thankful that little hometown markets like this still exist…especially in the crazy world we live in right now it is comforting to be able to step back in time, do a little grocery shopping and forget that it’s 2022 for a minute…that makes my heart happy…who knew a little grocery store can do all that?!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Wordless Wednesday-Snow Finale


Ozzy loves the snow…that’s his happy face lol

I love snowy sunsets…
I suspect it will all be melted by the end of the day…

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Tuesday’s Treasures-Snowy Trees


Blue Ridge . Botetourt County 

I love snowy trees…

I love looking up at the sky though the tops of the trees…

It’s kind of dizzying isn’t it haha

We ended up with maybe 4 inches I guess…our power went out yesterday about 11:00 a.m. and wasn’t restored until about 10 this morning…boy were we grateful!! 

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Can you believe I’ve managed 3 posts in a row?! I’m on a roll now!!

Monday, January 3, 2022

First Snow

Home Sweet Home . Blue Ridge

First snow of the winter! They were calling for this winter storm but nobody thought it would stick since we’ve been having such nice warm weather! Surprise!

Is it snowing where you live?

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year


Main Street . Bedford

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We did and I am going to get back in the routine of blogging! I’ve honestly missed it so much!

This picture was taken a few days ago…I got a new bike for Christmas and there’s an excellent park here in Bedford with bike trails so I broke my bike in! Luckily that was the only thing that broke (haha)…

I’ll show you pictures from the trail and there is also an old cemetery there too that I’d like to share this week!!