Friday, August 28, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 50 - I'm Ba-ack...kinda

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This Willy Nilly will be things that have taken place this month:
1) These little dudes started 8th grade on the 11th of this month...some of you may even remember them in kindergarten when I started this blog!

2) Christian just started his first year of college on Tuesday. He's going to Virginia Western, our local Jr. College for the first 2 years then plans to transfer to James Madison University like his big sis.

3) No picture of this event because it hasn't happened yet but Ashlyn starts her senior year at James Madison University on Sept. 1st! Wow!

4) Ozzy just loves life but is sad to see his boys head back to school.

5) Read Mountain Middle School football team getting a talk from coach after a big win against Clifton Forge Middle School (30-0)...first game of the season

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I apologize for not visiting everyone this week. Since the move our internet has been obnoxiously slow. Comcast has a monopoly on this area we moved to. We dropped Comcast before because of it's poor service but now we have NO choice. How can that be? Anyways, I get to call them today and have them come out and put the blame on all our computers before they fix it, I'm sure! So not looking forward to this phone call! I hate, absolutely HATE dealing with computer/internet issues!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Good Fences & A Sign - Through My Windshield

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This is my drive to school in the scenic! Along Mountain Pass Road, Botetourt County
In light of yesterday's tragic event that took place here, I thought this sign was fitting. So much evil in the world.

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I'll be back tomorrow for Willy Nilly Friday 5 to resume...Hope to see you then!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Front Porch

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I love a big front porch! My rainbow view from yesterday was off my back deck, but I really do enjoy my porch. Nick hung his flags as soon as we moved in, then he felt at home. Those rocking chairs were a gift from my mom for my front porch at our Georgia house. Nick talks about replacing them because they are breaking in places but I just can't. We have great neighbors here. The whole neighborhood is friendly. The lady on one side told me on our second day that she meant to bring over a pan of lasagna on our first night but didn't get a's the thought that counts anyway...then across the street is an elderly couple who brought over some homemade English muffin bread and told me how their son married the girl who lived in our house! What a great story...sadly they are moving away already (not because of us lol) but they are downsizing as it is just them now. The other day a golf cart full of people drove by and yelled "hi new neighbors" at really is probably the friendliest neighborhood we've ever lived in! I hope we have many happy years here :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Our World Tuesday - A Rainbow

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Last Thursday the boys had a football scrimmage. They played for about 20 minutes then it got postponed because of lightning. We had to wait 30 minutes without seeing any lightning before they could resume. They came back out, played 1 more play, the game got called because of more lighting...came home to this view! Those are the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Diving In

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Ozzy really enjoys his new pool and yard....

Phew, this move has taken me forever to get settled in for some reason. We aren't far, just 15 minutes from our old house. No change of schools of course. Weird thing about this house is that we looked to buy it when we first moved up here. We had put an offer in for another and it was accepted but if not, we would have bought this one. Then, the first house we went to look at this summer was this one, not even knowing till we walked inside...kind of an easy sale haha...Anyways, I was going to take a break till August then it just became harder to figure out where to start so I'm just going to jump in here! Hope everyone is well!