Monday, October 25, 2021

Monday Murals - Jesus Saves


Botetourt Food Pantry . 221 No. Roanoke St . Fincastle 

Well this just popped up out of nowhere and I couldn’t find any info on the artist…bummer…

We drive past here frequently and was surprised to see this since the last time we were there! Very nice addition!

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Friday, October 15, 2021

Weekend Link Ups


Mill Mountain Zoo . Roanoke 

Good morning from the zoo! Lowe’s picks a project every year called the Hero Project where we can give back to the community…this year our local zoo was picked! Our zoo is small, almost 70 years old and doesn’t have a lot of money…our zoo takes in endangered and injured animals and rehabs them to put back out in the wild if able to. We came in and cleaned up, put down fresh mulch, planted flowers, fixed the bathrooms and laid pavers…they were so appreciative of the work we did! It was a worthy and fun job!

Catawba Sustainability Center . Catawba Valley

Neat old farm and there’s also a pretty greenway which is new! More on this later in the week!

Craig Creek . Eagle Rock

Bennett Spring Road . Salem

I think this cute little house is abandoned…the door was open but we didn’t stop for a visit! Sad!

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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Back Roads


Craigs Creek Rd . Eagle Rock . Botetourt County

A few days ago Nick and I were just driving around and decided to check out the place on Craigs Creek where we used to take the kids to swim and fish…I’ve posted lots of pictures there in the past years but we haven’t been in a few years…it had really changed…I don’t know if the water was high but the river bank was very narrow…the picture above is a canoe launch we discovered…this was a really pretty place!  

Craigs Creek Rd . Eagle Rock . Botetourt County

Not too far down the road was this really neat old abandoned house…so sad.

Caldwell Mountain Road . New Castle

Heading back we were stopped here for a few minutes because of road work…

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