Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hauntingly Beautiful

Yesterday I had to take Ashlyn to the 4H office in beautiful, historical Fincastle. Ashlyn had to interview for a camp counselor position for summer camp. I love Fincastle and some of you might remember the Christmas Parade I brought you along to, which was in Fincastle. I didn't have much time to drive along Fincastle's historic old streets as we had a long list of errands to run and Ashlyn kept me on task,lol...but I did manage to drive a couple of the back streets and talked Ashlyn into quickly taking a picture of the tree for me. With a sigh and a roll of her eyes, she finished the text she was working on and sat her cell phone down, then quickly took this photo, all the while informing me that we need to hurry,lol. When the weather warms up (maybe this week even) I plan to go back and actually walk the streets, with Braden and Dalton. They took a field trip there with their class and love telling me the history of the things they saw.

This tree which stands in the Godwin Cemetery, is estimated to be approximately 200 years old. Imagine the things it has seen! I will definitely have to come back and capture it in all 4 seasons. You can read more about this beautiful old tree in the
Botetourt View ...just scroll down a bit, it's the 2nd story.


  1. I bet it has seen a lot. I bet the head stones can tell a good story also.

  2. It's such a pretty little historical town. Ashlyn did a great job on the photo!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. It's a great tree! And nice shot.

  4. Oh the 4 seasons shots are a MUST! I love it when people do that, and then & now shots too!
    Testy teens - I understand! She'll want that time w/ momma later in life!

  5. You have your own changing view series here!

    Just imagine what that tree could tell us if it could talk :)

  6. am digging your new banner shot!

  7. wow, 200 hundred years old. your title is perfect!

  8. Ashlyn did a great job on this photo! What a lovely old tree.


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