Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Theme Day-Night

Wow, another theme day. The months seem to fly by. I have to admit, I wasn't ready for this theme day at all. In fact, I didn't even know what the theme was till yesterday afternoon and wanted to come up with something super creative rather than a picture of the night sky. Couldn't think of anything to do with the theme, other than the night sky though. I even sent my kids out with the camera to see what their brilliant minds would come up with and nothing,lol....So while I was outside last night, I did notice how pretty the moon looked peeking through the trees so I ran back inside, grabbed my camera and voila, theme day photo created! Maybe next month I'll be a little more prepared!

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  1. I was unprepared this month too. In fact I was driving around Thursday night looking for inspiration!

    Your photo is perfect for the theme. I love how you have framed the moon like this :)

  2. Somehow, I'm not getting the word about theme day either? Is the next month decided yet?

    I like this shot. Reminds me of a childhood prayer.

    I see the moon and the moon sees me.
    God bless the moon and God bless me.

    Said enough, it sticks!

  3. This worked beautifully. I love how lacy the leaves look under the pale eye of the moon.

  4. Happy theme day! I think the night sky is always a good choice.

  5. I got my Theme Day picture at the last minute too Tanya mainly because I'm not so good at night shots and they all kept turning out blurry. This is a great shot!

  6. Beautiful! and perfect for theme day. I wasn't prepared either and tried to get some last minute luck. They all turned out to blurry to post. I haven't mastered the nighttime setting!

  7. Oh my camera takes horrible night shots! It could me my lack of understanding how to use it correctly but I loved my old Canon (the boys broke) that took PERFECT night shots. This one always turns out blurry.


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