Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grist Mill

This old mill is located in Rockbridge County, VA . It sits on the McCormick Family Homestead. Cyrus McCormick was born there in 1809 and later invented the Reaper. The old family home sits on the homestead as well as the mill, pictured, and a black smith shop.

The McCormick heirs deeded the 634-acre farm to Virginia Tech to use for agricultural research and education. You can read more about that HERE

This morning after dropping Ashlyn off at school, I got a speeding ticket. Not an ordinary speeding ticket but a speeding ticket in a school zone. I am such a stickler about not speeding in school zones, I mean that is the ONE spot that I never speed in and hate to see people disregarding the speed limit. Well, I dropped Ashlyn off, crossed my side of the road and pulled out waiting to make a left turn. I was thinking to myself how empty the road was, no traffic at all, when I pulled out, accelerated up to speed and then it hit me, I'm still in the school zone, proceeded to slow down but the damage was done, I was caught on radar. I was doing the speed limit for normal times of the day but was over the 25 school zone speed. Well, I knew I was wrong, was hugely embarrassed and pulled over. The Botetourt sherrif got out of his vehicle and walked towards mine. I rolled my window down, quickly apologizing for what I did. This man was so incredibly rude, I couldn't believe it. I continued apologizing and was extremely polite (not to get out of a ticket, but because I knew I was in the wrong, albeit accidentally, but still wrong). This did not matter to this Botetourt Barney Fife. He continued to talk in a rude manner towards me as if I was a common criminal and not a mom in a mini van.I graciously took my ticket and went on with my day.

The thing about this whole ordeal that makes me angry is that people in this position should use their "power" in a positive way, rather than to treat each person they run across as if they did some horrible deed. I admit, I was wrong, but I didn't intentionally speed, it was an accident. No complaints about the ticket, but come on Botetourt, don't you want your officers to be setting a good example in the community? When I mentioned this person's horrible attitude to a police officer that I know, his response was "yes, I've heard that quite a few times." Nice. Treat people with respect, and you will be respected.

Off my soap box now and very careful to not speed again!


  1. Oh Tanya, that is awful. I always try to be careful in school zones too, but sometimes you do make a mistake. It's bad enough to get the ticket, but the rude behavior is totally uncalled for. You should call and complain on that officer. By the way, I like the grist mill picture!

  2. At least you didn't do what my mum did when she was stopped for speeding. She had a go at the Officer and told him he should be catching real criminals!

  3. I'm a stickler about school zones too, and in my entire life have only had one speeding ticket. IN A SCHOOL ZONE, got caught by one of the speeding cameras in Tempe, AZ. Ugh. Had to go to class for an entire Saturday to keep it off my record.

    Can't stand it when officers are outright rude. I would probably have said something to him.. maybe pressed the record button on my camera and catch him in action.


  4. Snappy Di's got the right idea. If someone is behaving inappropriately, no matter who he or she is, we should use the technology we have to capture it and document it. Sorry you had such a crummy start to your day. Hope things start improving immediately. You've started our day off much more peacefully with that image of the grist mill.

  5. I like your Grist Mill story. Always nice to read about some History.

    Sorry to read that you got a speeding ticket from that very rude Cop. Maybe he was having a bad day and took it out on you. Still that should not happen. I agree that you should turn his butt in and complain about how you were treated. I know I would.


  6. Some people simply shouldn't wear a uniform!
    Lovely spot and photo too, Tanya.


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