Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Traveller's Grave

This is Traveller's final resting spot. Linda Donald of the Lee Chapel and Museum says this about the pennies left on the grave:

"This custom has no recorded information. Our Director says that the coins are simply a matter of people leaving something at the burial site of an icon. However, I grew up in Lexington and was taught that Traveller was to be provided for and was never to be without. It is my belief that people leave the coins so that Traveller's every need can be met".

We left our pennies there as well! You can read more on Traveller by clicking the link on yesterday's post.


  1. There are pennies from heaven, and then there are pennies for heaven...for Traveller's heaven to be precise.

  2. What a sweet thing to do! Thanks for the picture and the story.

  3. How beautiful and it even has a little confederate flag!

  4. A great idea! Probably would do the same as you have done.


  5. Such interesting tid bits you know! Traveller was just as important as Lee, maybe more so because he had to do all the work! :)


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