Saturday, January 1, 2011

Theme Day - Photo Of The Year 2010

First of the month is Theme Day for the City Daily Photo community and this month's theme is "Photo of the Year 2010"
This is one of my favorite photos. It's Braden and Dalton's football team, the Panthers, (7-8 year olds) getting ready to take on a very tough team to beat, the Wasps.

It was a very foggy and freezing, cold morning.

The Wasps beat us in size, almost all of their players outweighed our guys, but they didn't beat us in heart because our Panthers put up a good fight and won 21-20. It was a great game and super season!

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  1. THe most challenging part of watching one's child play sports is the intense desire for success of the child, but the inability from the sidelines to affect the play.

  2. ahh, very good photo for today. Happy New Year's! Have a great day with family and friends.

  3. Its sports so you know I love it, LOL. The Wasps? That other team just sounds mean.

  4. I know nothing about American football but you sounds like a very proud mama! A lovely choice for today. Happy New Year to you and your family, Tanya xxx

  5. It is a very nice photo, even without a family connection. Good work.

  6. Great choice for Theme Day, Tanya!

    All best wishes to you this New Year.

  7. This is a very cool shot, Tanya. Great entry.

  8. It's very optimistic, to see the other people committment in sport, or in work.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Love.This.Photo!

    I miss our Pop Warner days :(

    This is gorgeous!


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