Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Bridges - Swing Bridge

A small swing bridge at Douthat Park...this was taken a couple of months back (notice the snow still on the ground) doesn't look like that anymore, signs of spring are everywhere you look and the temps have been rising in the high 70's even!

To see more bridges from all over the world, visit Louis La Vache!

Happy First Day of Spring!!


  1. Enjoy spring! (Looks like you are!)

  2. I once followed a pipe band over a swing bridge (all be it a bigger one than this) - not good, they don't like a lot of people walking over them in step.

  3. Most kids love a swing bridge. I can't help but think of Yosemite's swing bridge, it is now replaced by a non swinging bridge but they still call it "Swing Bridge". Perhaps when all of us old timers are gone they will drop the name.

  4. Children love swing bridges, I don't, it is to wobly for me. Spring is coming here too, temperatures are rising!

  5. hee hee...
    It looks like things are in full swing here..

    M. Scélérat, éditeur à «Louis»: Well, for you, well-known for your horrible puns, this is a new low...

    «Louis» à M. Scélérat, éditeur: aw, Shaddup!

    In any case, a welcome contribution to Sunday Bridges...

  6. This looks like so much fun. I bet the kids love it.
    Happy first day of Spring!

  7. How clever of you! I bet the boys love this!

    High 70's already? WoW!

  8. I'd like walking on that bridge, although it looks a little 'droopy' in the middle.

  9. I hope the kids dont shake the bridge when I am on it. I will be very scared.

  10. a big bridge for a little river

  11. What a very cool bridge! Great for kids. :-)


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