Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Barn Charm Tuesday

On Poor Farm Road, Fincastle. Today is back to school for us here. The Christmas break is over and it flew by. In a few minutes I'll have to start waking kids up. They are going to be disappointed that there is school today. Last night there were talks of school closings or delays due to the small amount of snow that fell around us but managed to completely miss our county, yet again....are we ever going to see snow this winter? To check out more barns, visit Barn Charm!


  1. I like the almost monotone look under that ominous sky! :)
    We did get a little snow. I think the weathermen are so off this year. We were supposed to get 2-4 inches but there's lots of grass peeking through.
    I'm missing a good snow. :)

  2. That's awesome! It kinda looks like b&w, but I can still see some color & that sky blows me away! WoW!

    Sorry you had more problems w/ linky, but don't worry, I deleted the bad one

    Thank you very much for joining, much appreciated! =)

  3. A fine barn post. I like it's low roof line and that rickety looking fence nearby. A silo in an image always ups the interest for me. A good spot and shoot.

  4. I hope people enlarge this...they are sure missing a nice shot if they don't. The small version just does not do it justice.

  5. I like the barn. And yes even here in MI we hardly have enough snow. Happy New Year!

    Barn Charm

  6. We don't have much snow yet here either. But it's plenty cold!
    I like this b&w shot. really nice!!

  7. I headed back to work today and was disappointed too. This is such a nice winter setting you've captured.

  8. I thought it was a B&W photo at first glance...then I saw a bit of grey/blue in the sky.
    No snow to speak of in these parts...but it just got awfully cold!

  9. A working farm... love that you desaturated the shot... We start back tomorrow after Christmas break... and yes, it went fast! I get up at 04:15 and am on the clock at 06:15 and picking up HS students prior to 07:00...

  10. The sky in your photo certainly looks as if you could get some snow. It's a neat picture. We got some snow Monday evening here in Tennessee.

  11. The starkness of the winter landscahpe shows through in a beautiful way that's comforting rather than depressing. Great shot!
    We should have had a 2-hr. delay yesterday, but didn't--the roads were bad in my part of the county and driving to school was an adventure (I teach). Kids were quite disappointed as were teachers!

  12. OK, darnit.....I am going to have to find this one. When it comes time I will ask for directions. It is great. You love Fincastle just as we do. It is a little hidden away secret of this part of the woods. Nice photography. genie

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