Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rural Thursday - Blog Hop #18

(Christian and Ozzy playing in the creek)

Sunday we spent a few hours at our favorite place on Craig Creek. The water is really high right now which doesn't leave a lot of open area for hanging out. Hopefully by the next time we go the water will be down to its normal levels. We've just been having a ton of rain, which is good so I'm not complaining, really I'm not!

Yesterday there was a bus crash in our county, Botetourt. As soon as I heard about a bus crashing I texted Christian to make sure he was in school as I knew it was a bus carrying middle school and high school children but that was all I knew at the time. Christian texted back that he was. Ashlyn drives herself to school so I knew she was fine. Christian chooses to ride the bus, even though they attend the same school but his sister makes him late if he rides with her. She gets that from me.

As the story developed we learned that there were 39 children on the bus. The bus overturned 2 or 3 times (conflicting stories on this) and landed on its top. 13 children were taken to the hospital, none with life threatening injuries, thank God! The bus driver has been charged with reckless driving. I can't imagine how scary that must have been for the kids. You can see pics of the accident here and read about a remarkable little guy who kept a calm head and helped get the students off the bus!

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  1. Great photo of Christian and Ozzie. It looks so refreshing and fun.

    I read the article about the bus. How scary. Thank God, there were no fatalaties.

  2. That had to be very scary! Especially for the bus to overturn. Glad no one was seriously hurt and your kids were not involved!

    Great shot of Christian and Ozzie!

  3. The bus crash is so scary. I hate how they don't have seatbelts. I worry about it all.the.time.

    I LOVE that picture - total awesomeness!

  4. Tanya
    Glad to hear your family was safe! That is scary. In Kindergarten the school bus I rode slid off the road on an icy winter day when the driver tried to come to a stop. I can't imagine an actual turnover or 2.

  5. Beautiful capture!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  6. nothing like happy kids and dogs splashing around. :) glad the bus accident was not worse!

  7. this makes me giggle! I wish I had a creek around here to take my kids to!

  8. So glad there were no serious injuries in that bus accident. The two of them splashing about looks so fun.

  9. That's a great photo and very refreshing-looking!

    So thankful those children were not badly hurt.

    Wishes for you and your family to have a nice, safe weekend.

  10. What a great picture for Rural Thursday! :)
    Wow, thank goodness nobody was too seriously hurt in that accident!

  11. Loving that photo Tanya!

    That accident sounds horrible... glad no one was seriously hurt.

  12. Creeks are the best place for dogs, kids and fun.

    Glad everyone was ok on the bus, scary to be upside down.

  13. Looks like a lot of fun!

    Isn't it scary when you think of your children being in an accident. So glad of no serious injuries.

  14. A lovely quintessential summer scene!
    So glad no students were seriously hurt.

  15. Great action shot. Looks like fun.

  16. Dogs just love playing in the water! Nice shot :)

  17. How very frightening for you...and for those poor children and their families too! I'm so happy your kids weren't involved. Glad the children in the wreck didn't have serious injuries, too. Thank the good Lord for looking out for them all!

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