Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rural Thursday Blog Hop # 21

(Clifton Forge, Va)

Baseball season is coming to a close. Braden and Dalton have a game this evening and their last game will be Monday. Christian's last game is Saturday, a double header, and then we'll have the annual team pool party to attend. Something we always look forward to. He will have one makeup game though in a couple of weeks that the coaches are trying to work the deets out.

Already time to get signed up for football. Practices start the first of August.

Today I get to go meet up with my pal-ly wal-ly Di from Blue Ridge Gal for lunch. We are going to Olive Garden, yum :)

The boys and I managed to clean out a horrible corner of the basement this week. It was the corner that housed ALL of their old toys that they've collected over the years and don't play with anymore. After several trash bags loaded for the dump and a carload for Goodwill, we have a clean basement once again! I do have to go through the bookshelf down there as there are several books we can pass on, but otherwise it looks pretty good.

Today shall be a good day!

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  1. What Goodwill are you taking those toys to (ha ha)? Sounds like you made good progress!

    Wow, football signups already?

  2. i hate cleaning the basement but i do love when it's clean!!

    my 2 boys are 28 & 29, no more baseball, football or soccer, i miss the games, they were always fun!!

    and i don't have to clean up after them either. now, if i could just get them to take the last of their $#@%!!

  3. Wow you are going to be busy. Congrats on the cleanup if your not busy I could use a hand:)
    I hope you enjoy your lunch. B

  4. My hubby once umpired baseball for the youth and it was always a fun time. I know you all are looking forward to the party.
    Enjoy your lunch today.

  5. Looks like that fine old scoreboard has seen some action- like it!

  6. Seems baseball season flew by! Love that old score billboard!

  7. Congrats on the clean basement! If you aren't busy, I have one that could use some work. Love this old sign. Time's a flyin'.

  8. It's always a great feeling to de-clutter!

    The Hubby is always worried and telling me I am going to toss or give away something HE might need. I figure if he has not needed or used it in several years or might not even know we have it then we will not miss it.

    He hasn’t purchased anything that I have gotten rid of … yet!

  9. I like the effect on that baseball scoreboard. I have a basement needing cleaning that I have put off for months. A weekend is just too short to spend cleaning the basement but it is in need.

  10. American essence - a great picture indeed !

    Please have a good Friday.

  11. Love the photo, no more ball games for me my boys are 24 and 28. They do play softball but I havent made it to a game yet this year.

  12. Ballgames and shooting sports are filling our time. Along with football AND basketball practice already starting.

  13. What a great, classic scene! Old-timey scoreboard, baseball, coke sign... And I'm impressed with your basement clean-out (why is it never easy?)

  14. Baseball is almost over and summer has barely started. I remember my brother playing little league long ago and he played all summer. Times change.
    Love the vintage old sign.

  15. Love this old baseball score board, Tanya. What a neat find.

    And how lucky to have lunch with Di! She is such a great person.

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week. xoxo

  16. Football signups already! Yikes!!
    Hope you had a nice lunch and congrats on getting the kids to "let go" of some of their stuff! :)


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