Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Old Tree

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"Just touching that old tree was truly moving to me because when you touch these trees, you have such a sense of the passage of time, of history. It's like you're touching the essence, the very substance of life." Kim Novak


  1. If only we could sit beside one of these dear old trees, and listen to the tree tales of all that they have seen.... imagine what stories they would be!

  2. I agree with this quote. What a beautiful big old tree! I wonder how old it is? Gorgeous blue sky behind the old branches.

  3. I absolutely agree with Kim Novak. What a great old tree in your pic!

  4. How interesting what you are saying about 'touching' the tree. I was talking to a lady the other day who has spotted a tree which she imagines has a lot to say about the history around here. She specifically mentioned touching it. I'm going to do it :).

  5. Old trees always speak of history to me. They have been witness to so much!

  6. Oh, I Love it...that is a massive old thing!


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