Friday, August 28, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 50 - I'm Ba-ack...kinda

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This Willy Nilly will be things that have taken place this month:
1) These little dudes started 8th grade on the 11th of this month...some of you may even remember them in kindergarten when I started this blog!

2) Christian just started his first year of college on Tuesday. He's going to Virginia Western, our local Jr. College for the first 2 years then plans to transfer to James Madison University like his big sis.

3) No picture of this event because it hasn't happened yet but Ashlyn starts her senior year at James Madison University on Sept. 1st! Wow!

4) Ozzy just loves life but is sad to see his boys head back to school.

5) Read Mountain Middle School football team getting a talk from coach after a big win against Clifton Forge Middle School (30-0)...first game of the season

Link up, you know the drill!

I apologize for not visiting everyone this week. Since the move our internet has been obnoxiously slow. Comcast has a monopoly on this area we moved to. We dropped Comcast before because of it's poor service but now we have NO choice. How can that be? Anyways, I get to call them today and have them come out and put the blame on all our computers before they fix it, I'm sure! So not looking forward to this phone call! I hate, absolutely HATE dealing with computer/internet issues!


  1. It's crazy, how the time flies away and only the internet is a snail ;-)
    (I know that, in our area we have only a slow internet too) and such calls are horrible -
    Photo #4 is especially nice.
    Have a great weekend, glad, that you are back

  2. Oh Ozzy, you are just the cutest creature ever. I know you will miss your buddies when they are off for school.
    Hope your internet issues are resolved quickly.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. We have the same situation with only one internet provider for our small area. They are horrible in every respect! I feel your pain! Glad to have you back!

  4. Slow internet; the ups and downs of moving. But minor with such a wonderful family. The football pic brings back great memories.

  5. Glad that you are kinda back, but where is the link. I am in the woods, will try when I can. Tom the backroads traveller

  6. Pretty important month has come and almost gone. Enjoy the weekend; hate internet issues.

  7. Ah, the start of a new school year! Our grandson and great nephew also started the 8th grade this year. Sweet pictures of the college attendee, Christian, and the twins! Love it that you're back! If you get a chance to look at the "extra" post linked at the bottom of my post today, it welcomes you back a little early! :-) Hope your computer issues straighten out!

  8. Where does the time go? ;-)
    I've also been having internet problems lately. But they seem to be worked out now.

  9. Yep, just saw my first high school football scrimmage of the season last night. Unfortunately, the home team was getting blitzed--literally--during the first half at least.

  10. Gosh your kids are sure growing up quickly. - Life does happen doesn't it.
    Hope they all have great school years. I bet your dog misses them while they are at school. I haven't been to a High School football game in years but I do enjoy it.

  11. Back to school already. They are all growing so fast. Good luck with sorting internet issues!

  12. Love Ozzy's wet look, have a great weekend!

  13. I hope your kids have a great year in school. Ozzy looks cute!


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