Friday, November 6, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 60

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Since Tuesday was voting day, how 'bout some Willy Nilly flag quotes:

1) “The stars and stripes were fluttering bright against the rain, clear blue overhead, and their minds were saying the words before their ears heard them.”
― Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie

2) “The American flag doesn't give her glory on a peaceful, calm day. It's when the winds pick up and become boisterous, do we see her strength. When she unfolds her hand, and shows her frayed fingers, where we see the stretch of red-blood lines of man that fought for this land. The purity of white stripes that strips our sins, and the stars of Abraham's covenant, broad in a midnight blue sky. The rights our forefathers established. As it waves high in the currents of freedom, where the Torch of Liberty shines over the sea, does she give meaning to unity. When we strive as one nation, or when it drops half-mast, to a fallen soldier.”
― Anthony Liccione

3) “Good women are no fun... The only good woman I can recall in history was Betsy Ross. And all she ever made was a flag.”
― Mae West

4) “Summertime, oh, summertime, pattern of life indelible, the fade-proof lake, the woods unshatterable, the pasture with the sweetfern and the juniper forever and ever . . . the cottages with their innocent and tranquil design, their tiny docks with the flagpole and the American flag floating against the white clouds in the blue sky, the little paths over the roots of the trees leading from camp to camp. This was the American family at play, escaping the city heat.”
― E.B. White

5) “Yonder are the Hessians. They were bought for seven pounds and tenpence a man. Are you worth more? Prove it. Tonight the American flag floats from yonder hill or Molly Stark sleeps a widow!”
― John Stark

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  1. I really enjoyed glad you thought to do the quotes.

  2. Wonderful flag quotes, Tanya! Appropriate for upcoming Veterans Day as well.

  3. On my recent visit to the USA I could see the love for the US Flag, so I can appreciate these fun facts now :) I'm actually posting part one of our trip today.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. That's a big flag! Hope you have a wonderful (and not too hectic) weekend!

  5. Great flag facts, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Fun with the flags! Last week I did my part about gofest if you want to check it out.... My picture was so similar to the one you took!!

  7. I got a kick out of that Mae West quote!

  8. Good facts about the flag. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Such fun and weird quotes!!! May West---what a trip she was!

  10. Well who knew there were so many flag quotes Tanya :) I'm going to have to go and see if there are any Aussie flag quotes :)


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