Thursday, December 17, 2015

Good Fences - Bedford County Courthouse

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"Built in 1930, this Classical Revival building features an Ionic-order porch, Corinthian columns and Flemish-bond brickwork. The massive triangular pediment has a unique design incorporating symbols of the local crops of corn and tobacco and the official crest of the fourth Duke of Bedford, John Russell. Encircling the grounds like silent sentinels stand monuments to veterans of the American Revolution, Civil War and World War II. Main Street, Bedford. Noteworthy is the D-Day monument commemorating Bedford’s considerable losses on June 6, 1946." ...taken from Visit Bedford
These last 2 are the views from behind the courthouse where we sat for lunch. You can see the artists that I showed you on Tuesday in this last photo, and some fences! Linking with TexWis today Good Fences


  1. Wonderful views of the Courthouse. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. beautiful courthouse building. we have a bedford county here in pa too. :>)

  3. i love the spire thingy on top. way cool. Merry Christmas, Tanya. hope you & the family are all together. enjoy that big day. big big hugs. ( :

  4. You really get and all have be beat by a long shot. Buddy and I have been talking about going to see Bedford instead of just driving thru to one of his races. Enjoyed the pictures.

  5. They just don't build them that way any more. The oldest buildings in our half of the city are little more than ten years old.


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