Friday, April 29, 2016

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No 81

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Dalton sliding into 3rd base...he's SAFE!

Braden catching a fly at 2nd base...

Braden and Dalton between events at today's Cosmopolitan Track and Field Event...yes, we are consumed in sports right and track!

Getting the hurdles ready for the boys' hurdles event...Braden and Dalton both placed in hurdles so they will go back to compete on Saturday!

This adorable little creature just finished her senior year at James Madison University. Graduation is next week. This Sunday I get to go up and take bunches of pictures of her pretty face! Oh...did I mention she's smart too?! She is!! Look out world!

I've been scarce this week...had some painters in and it was messing with my morning routine! Things are back to regular now, I think!

That's my 5 this week and I hope you will join us! Post 5 random things, pictures, stuff that happened, memories...anything random! Link back, visit others, have fun meeting new people! Have a great weekend friends!

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Have a great weekend!!


  1. Good luck for your sportive boys!
    Lovely family photo... I must clean out the library room (the main room in this home) for renewal of electrical cables and than all paint too in next time, sigh! Such things are always a big fun ;-)
    Have a relaxed weekend

  2. you are becoming quite the sport photographer!

  3. Wow...that first action shot is superb! Don't those cute little ones grow up fast.....way too fast! Thanks for linking up to fun Friday faves!

  4. They grow up so quickly, don't they Tanya?

  5. They grow up so quickly, don't they Tanya?

  6. Great action shots of your boys Tanya, and a sweet family picture in the last shot. Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.

  7. Looks like the boys are having a great time with their sports. I fondly remember my days playing baseball. That was a very long time ago, but the satisfaction of sliding safe on base and catching a fly ball stays with one a long time.

  8. Wow, Tanya...the boys are doing great in their sports activities. And what a sweet picture of new Mom & Dad with baby girl! How proud you must be of all the kids!

  9. Congratulations to your daughter!

    I like the sense of action in the first shot.

  10. Busy days but fun ones, Tanya! I love that first shot too!
    Thanks for hosting!

  11. Totally awesome action shot of your boys. I bet you are busy with all those sporting events. - Congrats on that new little one. I hate having my routine interrupted. Good to hear you are back to normal again. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. These are great pictures! You should be very proud of the boys!

  13. And the graduate! Didnt mean to leave her out!

  14. Gosh! Graduation already? I remember attending graduation exercises at JMU just a couple of years ago. :-)

  15. Didn't get back to Roanoke. My husband had to go without me. I'm too busy finishing out the school year! Will let you know when I'm coming. Congratulations on your daughter's graduation. Time flies.


  16. Your Sports photos are Terrific!

  17. Great action shots! Congratulations to the young lady.


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